2nd Architects’ Week: FI-WARE meets Use Case Projects in Madrid

Jun 12, 2012Smart Cities

Following the success of the Architects’ Week in Zurich, FI-WARE has organized a second round of training sessions with the Use Cases at the Telecommunication Engineering School at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The schedule followed the same pattern as on the previous occasion. FI-WARE provided insights in their Generic Enablers with a strong focus on developers in the morning whereas the Use Case Projects explained in turn their activities in the afternoons. This time the audience was higher and roughly 120 people attended the event.

So far we had had contacts with the Use Cases at a managerial level or through documents. The Architects’ Weeks marks a breakthrough in our relations as it is the first time that the actual developers meet and discuss the low level details of the functionalities provided by FI-WARE and how these could satisfy the needs of the Use Cases. After these days sharing knowledge we understand each other significantly better, we will keep on collaborating and paving the way towards a very successful PPP Programme.

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