Infoday on the 1st Open Call of FI-WARE

Mar 22, 2012Ecosystem

On the 21st of March we spoke at the Infoday on the 1st Open Call of FI-WARE, organized by the CDTI. The Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) is a Public Entity that reports to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

We took the opportunity to explain the approach, goals and roadmap of the PPP Programme in an introductory presentation, and the particular role of FI-WARE in this context. Then we went into detail explaining the scope and ongoing work of each one of the technical chapters. We also gave a detailed account of what is expected from the proposals to the Open Call and how to become a sound new partner in FI-WARE.

We thank everyone who attended and the CDTI for giving us the chance to disseminate the FI-PPP, FI-WARE and the ongoing Open Calls. It was very good to see so many people and to gauge the degree of interest in the research community, which now we know is very high.

All the materials are public and you can download them from the CDTI website.

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