FI-WARE presentation in Luxembourg

Jun 9, 2011Ecosystem

Presentation of Fi-Ware at the II European  Summit on the future Internet. This event organized by the University of Luxembourg counted with the chairmanship of Joao Da Silva, former director at the Information ¨Society and media” and one of the “fathers” of the PPP. Now Joao is a Research Fellow at SnT

At the event we had a very good representation of the EC, headed by Mario Campolargo and of all PPP projects. It was a very good time to discuss current developments and a very good occasion for dissemination of our activities.

The meeting started with a general presentation by Mario on the activities of the PPP and its objectives.

There was followed by a very interesting presentation on the Future of IoT by Kevin Ashton, Father of the Internet of Thing. Also there was a presentation by Mario Gerla,Professor, University of California on the future of EV.

Fi-WARE presentation was well received and there was a significant number of questions on the Open Tables, regarding the management of Open Calls, how Fi-Ware was going to handle specific technical solutions -particularly security, the importance of the activities related to the Network and its interaction, etc.

In the afternoon, we had a presentation from all PPP projects and also presentations on  Smart cities (including a presentation of Smart Santander) and a session where several cities and entrepreneurs presented their ideas and products.

The event counted with the maximum level presence from Luxembourg authorities, headed by François Biltgen, Luxembourg Minister for Higher Education and Research. Also present were Bjorn Ottersten, Director, SnT ; Pierre Gramegna, Director General Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Rolf Tarrach, President of University of Luxembourg, Jean-Luc Gustin, SES Senior Vice-President and M. Valentiny, President of Luxinnovation


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