FI-WARE Present at the proposers day Budapest

May 26, 2011Ecosystem

Presentation of Fi-Ware at the proposers’ day in Budapest. Our Program coordinator (Peter Fatelnig) and our project officer (Arian Zwegers) made two presentations on the structure of the open calls. Also, I made a presentation explaining how Fi-Ware is going to handle the process. As it is well known, FI-Ware is going to develop an open architecture and a implementation of a service infrastructure for the creation and delivery of services to different sectors.

The input elements for that architecture and implementation will be provided by the usage cases, but it is an open process where everybody can participate. We are particularly open to Celtic projects. We would like to encourage everybody to participate in our discussions and propose enablers and requirements for our Core platform.

To develop some of the elements that are not covered by the present budget, there are going to be two open calls where everybody (except the project members) can participate. The first  open call will take place roughly in a year time and the second in two years from now. Stay tuned to see more details


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