Learn how to use some of the most popular Generic Enablers in FI-WARE with these webinars!  A great opportunity to train yourself to participate in our hackathons, in the FI-WARE Challenges or simply to start creating an innovative internet application with our technology!

Advanced Cloud Capabilities
This webinar is a practical session on FI-LAB Cloud. It shows how to use the FI-LAB Cloud portal so you are able to deploy and access to virtual machines, create containers and objects as well as instantiate blueprints (VMs along with software)  ► Watch this webinar

Identity Management and Access Control – KeyRock
This webinar is about how to secure your applications and GE's using FI-WARE Identity Management. We explain how to create a FI-WARE account and register an application in the platform managing organizations, roles and permissions. We also describe OAuth2, the protocol that your application uses to allow access to your users with their FI-WARE accounts. It also contains a live demo in which you can learn how to implement that protocol in your application in a few easy steps. ► Watch this webinar 

Mashup technologies – Wirecloud
WireCloud builds on cutting-edge end-user development, RIA and semantic technologies to offer a next-generation end-user centered web application mashup platform. This webinar teaches how to develop those mashups, including development of the mashable application components used as building blocks. ► Watch this webinar

Real-time Multimedia Stream Processing – Kurento
This webminar introduces Kurento, a framework for building multimedia and streaming applications based on predefined blocks: RTP, WebRTC, HTTP and RTSP senders/receivers and face detection, plate recognition or object tracking, augmented reality, group communications or media mixing and blending among others. During the webminar Kurento APIs are used to show how to create media applications for videoconferencing or video streaming in a simple and seamless manner. It also demonstrate how these applications can be enriched with Kurento's advanced processing capabilities. ► Watch this webinar

Connection to the Internet of Things
This webinar explains how to connect Internet-of-Things settings to FI-WARE through DCA and Figway enablers and how to exploit such resources in your Future Internet Apps. Two different scenarios are considered: large IoT settings such as smartcities and scope-limited deployments, typically smart spaces. ► Watch this webinar

Context Awareness: Orion Context Broker
This webinar will be practical session on Orion Context Broker. It starts describing where to find the Orion information in the FI-WARE Catalogue, how a FI-LAB user can create her/his out-of-the-box ready-to-use Orion instance. Finally it shows a walk-through the main operations to manage context in Orion Context Broker. ► Watch this webinar

Map/Reduce – Cosmos Big Data
This webinar will explain Cosmos, the Big Data and Open Data platform, focusing on how to manage your data and how you can obtain value-added information from it. Several demos will be shown, such as basic WebHDFS usage, HiveQL and MapReduce examples. ► Watch this webinar.