FIWARE presence at Smart City Expo World Congress 2015

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Nov 132015
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FIWARE will attend Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona), the world´s leading smart city event, where the most innovative and influential smart city thinkers will attend, including global, national and regional representatives, academic institutions, research centers, incubators, investors and top corporations. As an open standard platform for Smart Cities, FIWARE is now providing the basis for an open and sustainable ecosystem where developers, startups and companies can develop their ideas once for multiple cities, thus enabling the transformation of cities into engines of economic growth and welfare. The work of FIWARE has led to the creation of a Digital Single Market for Smart Cities.

So far, more than sixty cities have joined the Open & Agile Smart Cities Initiative, thus adopting common standards to manage context information and make it available as open data. These standards are integrated in the FIWARE platform, laying the foundations of public-private partnerships where cities and platform providers can jointly develop and deploy interoperable Smart digital Services infrastructures. If you want to learn everything that you need to know about the role of technology in cities, about the collaboration to create a standard model of Smart City services or the governmental approach to that model, come and listen to the words of Jesús Villasante, Jarmo Eskelinen or Juanjo Hierro.

There are 5 conferences scheduled, including words from the speakers just mentioned. This agenda will address (1) innovative platforms for multi-stakeholder processes to foster sustainable cities (17/11), (2) raising resources and creating platforms to develop more equitable cities (18/11) (3) technological challenges for urban development & (4) city standards and indicators spreading smart cities (19/11).

Make sure you don´t miss the opportunity to learn what FIWARE brings to smart cities at the FIWARE stand that has been designed to show all of the benefits of becoming part of the ecosystem. The FIWARE stand will offer demos on SME´s, introducing some of the start-ups including Hostabee, TalkyCar and Batsharing, as well as an extra demo on MAPGETS which is an application platform, based on FIWARE.

Do you want to learn more about our presence there? Visit the Smart City Expo webpage!

FIWARE will meet you in ECFI again!

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Nov 032015

Today, within the ICT domain, developers, accelerators stakeholders, start-ups and investors share the goal to achieve global leadership in ICT by the year 2020. This means that it is important to bring everyone together in order to discuss these paramount topics and questions within the Future Internet so that we can advance closer to where we want to be.

This is where ECFI comes in; the European Conference on the Future Internet centers itself on addressing these questions whilst organising the collaboration of various smart minds to discuss the progress and the inauguration of future innovative internet technologies. ECFI also aims to promote the FIWARE community, who share this same dream. As the platform which not only offers the necessary funding (thanks to the FIWARE accelerator programme) but eases the creation of these smart applications and services, FIWARE offers an original ecosystem that makes the open data available.

All of these topics will be addressed during a busy agenda taking place in Hamburg, from lectures & workshops to time dedicated to exchanging information and networking with those that share your very same opinions and interests. Be sure not to miss out on hearing some of the world´s most influential speakers discuss the future internet and get the opportunity to learn more about the FIWARE Regions initiative, promoted by FIWARE Mundus (6th Nov) which focuses on decision-making, sustaining innovative ecosystems and ultimately, developing smart cities.

By participating in ECFI 2015 this week, you will have the opportunity to connect and discuss with representatives in the ICT domain the key questions surrounding the future internet, so everyone gains something from the constructive networking sessions. No-one within this ecosystem can advance and succeed alone so we need you all there to move forward in this imperative step towards leadership in ICT. The ECFI conference will be rounded off by a closing ceremony taking place at 20h on 6th November.

This is an event not to be missed if you, like us, are interested and committed to the advancement of the future internet and the creation of smart applications and services by increasing and extending our knowledge to achieve what we know we can do.                                                                                                                                                      

For more details on the agenda scheduled for the ECFI event, practical information on locations and hotels as well as contact information, visit the ECFI homepage.

FIWARE presence at ICT Lisbon 2015

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Oct 292015

“Innovate, Connect, Transform”, that is the motto of ICT, the meeting point organized by the European Commission that, from the 20th to the 22nd of October, gathered projects, institutions and public-private partnerships, among many others, in Lisbon (Portugal). FIWARE attended that event with a stand that summarized the philosophy that has allowed us to be the support of so many stories, as the ones in CreatiFI or those of Smart Agrifood. This philosophy, as it was collected in our stand, is based on the concepts of innovation, openness, smartness, context-awareness, ecosystem and standardization.

In our stand, participants could not only find our new interactive map, in which you can see all the information about all the SMEs belonging to FIWARE, and also our iHubs or our accelerators. But apart from that, the team of Tobyrich also attended the event, where they showed their drones and planes, which could be controlled from your personal mobile phone. When the European Commissioner Günther Oettinger visited the stand, he was very impressed by these planes and how FIWARE had helped Tobyrich develop their project.

The Smart Urban Farming Challenge

During ICT 2015, the Smart Urban Farming Challenge took place. As we already said in a blog post more than a month ago, it was “one of the FIWARE accelerators (FRACTALS)” which “presented the Smart Urban Farming Challenge, encouraging web developers to create innovative services and solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming.”

This challenge distributed a total amount of 49,000 € among its winners, in a ceremony that took place at the end of ICT 2015. Do you want to learn more about its winners? Then have a look at what they said about FIWARE!

Third Prize – Vegs in Touch

Second Prize – Siibii

First Prize – Obergudt

Open & Agile Smart Cities Initiative at Tampere (Finland)

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Oct 162015

Some months ago, we announced that the amount of cities joining the Open & Agile initiative had climbed up to 50. “Capitals and cities with a population of millions, as well as small- and medium-sized cities are finding their role in this pragmatic network of networks”, said Martin Brynskov, Chair of the Connected Smart Cities Network Board. “We have experienced”, Brynskov continues, “a strong interest from cities to join this second wave, actually much stronger than anticipated, so we have decided to reschedule the launch and allow more cities and countries to join”.

During the second half of September (22nd-23rd), an event in Tampere (Finland) gathered the main representatives of this initiative and let them evaluate the direction of this effort to establish some Smart City standards. The event also included workshops to learn and share experiences about the OASC mechanisms, which meant a great opportunity for OASC partners to meet colleagues and partners from the rest of the world. It was the inaugural OASC Task Force meeting for new countries that had already joined. And, according to the webpage of the Connected Smart Cities Network, “national events are scheduled as we speak”. The Dutch cities in OASC NL met on June 25th to discuss the next steps, and in Belgium, OASC BE did so on June 24th. The Danish cities met on June 2nd to launch Open Data DK, forming the basis for OASC DK.

Did new cities join the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative?

So far, the total amount of cities in the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative is 59, among which we could highlight the incorporation of new cities from Ireland, Scotland, France, the Netherlands and… Australia. FIWARE is in fact focusing its efforts towards new latitudes and we may soon witness the effects of its work. Are you still a bit lost in all these cities? You can see which ones are part of this initiative in this map.

Apart from announcing the incorporation of new cities, some work teams were created, each one of them focusing on a different aspect of the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative; i.e. a technical team, a funding team, a communication team and a team working on the engagement of cities. Some of the tasks of the technical team, for instance, include the publication of NGSI resources in open data publication portals, the creation of mechanisms to acquire access rights to open data or the federation of open data publication portals. All of its responsibilities will be then included into some clear guidelines that may help adopters to implement the Open & Agile Smart Cities principles.

Open & Agile Smart Cities in ICT 2015

If you want to learn more about the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative and how Smart Cities bank on FIWARE to develop their projects, visit us at the networking sessions that will take place during ICT Lisbon 2015. Visit the agenda of the session for more detailed information.

FIWARE in ICT 2015

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Sep 182015

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the Smart Urban Farming Challenge, which would encourage web developers web developers to create innovative services and solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming. Actually, it will distribute a total amount of 49,000 € among its winners in a ceremony that will take place in ICT 2015. Do you want to know which conferences and meetings will take place there? Let’s discover all of them!

ICT 2015

The biggest ICT event in the EU calendar is back! Join ICT 2015 to network, follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission’s new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT, find information about funding opportunities and… get to know everything you ever wanted to know about FIWARE through a 3-day long dedicated event programme.

Come and join FIWARE at ICT 2015, register for this free event and follow both @FIWARE and @ICT2015eu!

Where can you find FIWARE during ICT 2015?


20 OCTOBER 2015

11:00 – Opening of the Exhibition. Join the FIWARE stand at the entrance to the main exhibition hall anytime you want. Staff will be around to answer any questions you might have.

9:30 – Onsite kick-off of the FIWARE Challenge – meet the 10 top teams and hear their pitch. Come and see this hands-on competition of 10 top teams creating a FIWRE product on the spot.

Auditorium 2: The FIWARE Challenge Cockpit

16:00 –Session "FIWARE, the “Airbus” of the Future Internet"

Room 5A

14:00 – Listen to Thierry Breton's views in a panel discussion on "A Digital Single Market: The key to industrial leadership in the digital economy"

Auditorium 1

16:50 –Session "FIWARE – Meeting the Market Challenges"

Room 5A



21 OCTOBER 2015

09:00 –Session "World Café: FIWARE community building at ICT2015"

Room 5A


09:50 –Session "Human Smart Cities Network – FIWARE driven"

Room 5A



22 OCTOBER 2015

09:50 –Session "Open and Agile Smart Cities driven by FIWARE"

Room 9

09:00 – FIWARE in work programme 2016/17

Room A3


12:00 – The FIWARE Challenge Prize Ceremony

Auditorium 1

14:00 –Session "Start-ups meet open data!" by a FIWARE Accelerator

Room 5B





FIWARE in Campus Party Mexico 2015

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Jul 312015

Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico), the place where Mexican traditions as widely known as tequila and mariachis were born, the second city of the country in population, did also place itself as a leading Mexican city in terms of technology from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2015. As Sao Paulo (Brazil) did in February 2015, during those days Guadalajara 2hosted Campus Party Mexico 2015 and gathered an audience much bigger than expected. Longing to see some of the participants such as Rodolfo Neri Vela (first Mexican astronaut), Zach King (Vine star) or Bruce Dickinson (lead vocalist of Iron Maiden), campuseros could also live a true FIWARE experience! Do you want to know what we did there? Keep on reading and discover it all!

Right next to Palco Luna, the FIWARE logo brightened with a blue light and in strong contrast to the white that dominated the place. Among other reasons, this year, FIWARE attended Campus Party México 2015 to present the new FIWARE node that is to be open and that will become the biggest node in Latin America, thus strengthening the role that FIWARE plays in Mexico and achieving technological autonomy for the country. This node was presented earlier that week in Mexico D.F. in collaboration with Infotec and the Mexican 1Technology Platform (MTP). This will allow Mexico, as Juanjo Hierro stated during Campus Party, to be the first Latin American country to deploy FIWARE and its acceleration programmes.

Participants in Campus Party Mexico 2015 could attend both an introductory speech by Juanjo Hierro, Hugo Estrada and Juan Manuel Romero in Palco Tierra and detailed workshops by technology experts to learn how to use FIWARE to make the most out of their ideas. Juan Manuel Romero did also present his own project, Cares, and his own experience as FIWARE entrepreneur, finalist of a FIWARE hackathon in other Campus Party and winner of the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge. But not only that! Attendees could also participate in the #FIWAREIoT competition. They only needed to follow FIWARE on Twitter and tell us what they would connect to the Internet of Things. The best answers got a FIWARE T-Shirt!

Let’s be honest, all of that is great, but the truth is that, if there was something that drew everybody’s attention, it was the FIWARE 4Smart Apps hackathon, whose prize climbed up to 170,000 pesos (about 10,000 €). Pedro Pablo Rodríguez won the first prize with the project HugTeddy, which allows busy parents to watch for their little children and not to miss out any detail of their growth. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Stay tuned because we will soon post more information about the three projects that got the three prizes, so that you can learn how they used FIWARE to develop their own projects.

In short, Campus Party Mexico was, as it always is, a great and funny experience both for the FIWARE team and all the developers that participated in our activities. The only thing we can say is… see you soon, campuseros

FIWARE strengthens its presence in Latin America

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Jul 222015
  • In order to achieve technological autonomy, Mexico joins the FIWARE ecosystem and opens the second and most important FIWARE Lab node.
  • This process of integration will help Mexico to develop Smart Cities and cope with problems in the fields of safety, energy management, healthcare and logistics.
  • Different support programs will help entrepreneurs to develop their FIWARE applications.


Mexico D.F., 22nd of July 2015. Infotec will lead the integration of Mexico into the FIWARE ecosystem []. This process will include a plan to adopt open standards, thus easing the development of Smart Cities; the launch of a laboratory (linked to a sensor network) to do research on the Internet of the Future and an acceleration program to promote the development of startups using FIWARE. Furthermore, Mexico also opens the second and most important FIWARE Lab node, which will encourage entrepreneurs to JV3A7597experiment with FIWARE technologies. This group, led by Infotec, also includes entities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Mexican Technology Platform, CENIDET, Grupo Plenum and CENTROGeo.

This collaboration is the first step towards an active participation and contribution of these ICT actors to maintain FIWARE. Infotec will be in charge of enhancing, maintaining and supporting key components of the platform, by creating the necessary teams and hosting training sessions. “Mexico has shown a strong commitment with FIWARE, which is a very remarkable step in the bilateral collaboration between Mexico and Europe”, states Juanjo Hierro, FIWARE Chief Architect, who shares the opinion that “there is a need for open standards, which will facilitate the creation of a market which is not constrained by a specific provider.”

FIWARE, a platform that was created in collaboration with the European Commission in 2011, aims at increasing the European GDP in a 0.24 % (28,000 €) by creating new job posts and enterprises based on the Internet of Things. That is the same purpose of FIWARE in Mexico. “There is no free platform that allows industries to develop applications based on the knowledge of universities and research centers”, says Hugo Estrada Esquivel, Research Coordinator in Infotec and leader of the Laboratorio Nacional del Internet del Futuro, which contains the Mexican FIWARE Lab node.

The platform facilitates the creation of an ecosystem to connect developers with a technology that will allow them to work on their ideas. JV3A7611The platform also targets clients, who can ask for applications; and investors, who will be able to accelerate its implementation in the market. In addition, the availability of FIWARE components as open-source code can ease both the adoption of the platform as a standard and the creation of an app market that draws the attention of investors. “It is a technology that gathers universities, enterprises, providers and clients and allows them to collaborate. It will have a huge impact on our local economy”, states the representative of Infotec. This system ensures technological autonomy and improves both Mexican entrepreneurship and innovation, by assembling different actors that used to work separately.

This agreement also includes the incorporation of some cities into the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative. Thus, Mexico joins a project that already gathers 44 cities in 9 countries and that expects 50 cities to have joined by September, around 100 by end of the year. These cities are committed to use the same standards when developing solutions for Smart Cities. The initiative is aimed at transforming cities into engines of growth for their citizens. “Cities joining to the OASC initiative in Mexico will soon witness the impact of FIWARE, which will help them to make the most of their resources and energy, safety, healthcare and logistics systems. Thus, public authorities will save public resources”, says the representative of Infotec.

In order to carry out this plan successfully, organizations like Infotec in Mexico have to master this technology and be able to “organize training sessions and opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry, institutions and universities”, says Juanjo Hierro. “We must bet on a technology that can be supported locally in Mexico”. In order to achieve that goal, one of the first steps may be the implementation of an acceleration program by FIWARE.  Previous experience in Europe will help to promote FIWARE in Latin America. The participation of entities such as CONACYT or the Secretariat of Economy will also be very important for the implementation of funding programs and support entities, such as the Mexican Technology Platform (MTP). As an example, the FP7 CONECTA 2020 initiative, coordinated by Carmen Agüero and presented by Tecnológico de Monterrey, is disseminating the model of Technological Platforms in other Latin American countries, which is a good opportunity to promote FIWARE, considering that these technologies are based on ICT and the Internet of the Future.

Campus Party Mexico and Training Session for FIWARE Trainers

FIWARE will attend the next Campus Party Mexico from the 23rd to the 26th of July. During those days, it will launch the challenge “FIWARE IoT and Context Awareness Smart Apps #CPMX6”, with a prize of $170,000 for the best FIWARE context-aware applications making use of information of the Internet of Things. Furthermore, from the 20th to the 22nd of July, in Infotec, FIWARE will host a training session and conferences to present FIWARE, solutions for Smart Cities and the plans led by Infotec regarding promotion of FIWARE. “Having one of the biggest nodes in the world is worth nothing”, states Hugo Estrada Esquivel from Infotec, “if we do not show the advantages of the platform and train people to use it in their organizations.”

FIWARE and related Smart City Applications demonstrated at the Global City Team Challenge Festival in Washington DC (USA), 1-2 June 2015

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Jun 122015

A FIWARE delegation composed of representatives from three start-ups from the SpeedUpEurope accelerator, representatives from the City of Valencia (Spain), a representative of the energy utility company from the City of Oldenburg in Germany, as well as the project coordinator of SpeedUpEurope and a representative of FIWARE Mundus, attended the Global City Teams Challenge exhibition and workshop, which were held on 1st and 2nd June in Washington D.C., USA.


“The visitors seemed to be very interested in our mobile application, ‘APP Valencia’, which informs to the citizens, in real time, about everything happening in the city and shows lot of information to everyone. This kind of app is apparently not common in American cities. Other visitors were really interested also in our applications for administration (eGovernment and integrated paperless administration). The visitors asked us if we are interested in sharing our applications with other cities, and at this point, of course we are ready to share best practices and cooperate further.” Gema Roig from City of Valencia.

The exhibition on 1st June gathered more than 1,000 visitors and 65 teams demonstrating smart city applications. At the FIWARE booth, Binee UG from the “Binee” team demonstrated their smart bin and app for rewarding and improving recycling in the cities; Teamdev showed the “TripStories” smart tourism and mobility application destined at supporting a better environment; and Open Data City from “WeBuildCity” showcased their Open and 3D City Development Platform for Urban Planning. The City of Valencia (Spain) presented several applications deployed in their city, including the “App Valencia” City mobile application, the Valencia eGovernment Integrated Platform, the Valencia Smart City Platform, and the Valencia Transparency & Open Data Portal.DSC_0115

The FIWARE booth was very well attended by many visitors all throughout the day. There was a good and continuous turnout, with different profiles, from small companies to universities and cities. Most of the participants showed genuine interest in FIWARE and as a result there were some very interesting interactions, opening up potential opportunities for FIWARE and for the start-ups in the USA and for the City of Valencia for future cooperation with US cities.

A dedicated FIWARE session allowed the FIWARE team to provide the audience with more details about the platform and the ecosystem, and the smart city applications being demonstrated at the booth. As a consequence, a number of people showed up afterwards at the booth to get more details and demonstrations.

The FIWARE team also attended the workshop on 2nd June, which gathered around 100 participants. The main issue DSCF0173that was raised by the US participants was the following: most cities are applying some smart solutions in their cities in the areas of energy, transport, safety, health, etc., and universities develop small pilot trials in those domains. However the cities do not have an integrated smart city strategy although they would like to share more what they do; and the universities are looking for solutions that would allow different applications to interoperate and be tested on a larger scale in several cities. There seems to be a real need for an integrated system/platform such as FIWARE, which was explicitly mentioned several times during the workshop. This was also highlighted in the main issues that are foreseen for the upcoming NIST framework for the Global City Team Challenge 2016, which shall be defined shortly.

In conclusion, FIWARE principles have been very well received during the exhibition and the workshop, and several universities and cities showed interest in exploring it further. Let’s make this happen through FIWARE Mundus!

“As coordinator of one of the [FIWARE] accelerators, I feel personally responsible for the success of the start-ups involved. I really believe that in this matter the three start-ups made great progress. I foresee that in within the next 6-12 months, we will be able to convince much greater audiences, and to me the Washington case was a proof of this.” Olaf-Gerd Gemein, SpeedUpEurope project coordinator.


Contact point for FIWARE and the project teams in the USA:

What do participants think?

“OpenDataCity as a company attracted surprisingly much interest from different groups – surprisingly, because the US is pretty strong in the field of data visualization already. People showed interest in our work with open data from cities, and especially in our general ability to make sense of and to find stories in huge datasets. I definitely made some interesting contacts for OpenDataCity.” Lisa Ros, OpenDataCity, “WeBuildCity” team

“We have been contacted by some US universities interested in our work, which could provide us with the opportunity to extend the collaboration that we currently have with some Italian universities. We have also started a dialogue with the Italian embassy in DC that wants to promote our work in the USA. And we have had the chance to better understand the US point of view on smart cities and, generally, on the ICT theme and this will be useful for our future approach into the US market.” Andrea Cruciani, Teamdev, “TripStories” team

"It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our project in front of an international audience and we were very proud to attend the event as part of the Fiware and the SpeedUP! Europe Team. Our booth and our prototype attracted many curious visitors among which there have been several potential clients and investors. Several municipalities showed great interest and we received useful leads for other cities too. The GCTC conference was a very a positive reinforcement for us that we are on the good track and there is a strong demand for our product even in markets outside Europe. We were also able to connect with several other companies and startups who might be interesting partners for us for further technological development.” Szilvia Varszegi, binee UG, “Binee” team

“As the representative of the EWE AG from Germany and support of binee, the GTCT Expo was a great platform to pitch enera, our “Energiewende” demonstration project.  There were new and interesting things popping up that reflect current trends in the energy market & smart cities that will lead to further talks.” Florian Fischer, EWE AG, Business Development Manager enera Project, “Binee” team.

“Some great innovations, and all around a wonderful representation of European entrepreneurialism!” Jesse Spector, Policy Officer, Digital Economy & ICT at EU Delegation to the United States

“Thank you all for this opportunity to visit Washington and this conference!” Lisa Rost, OpenDataCity, WeBuildCity

“It has really been a great experience” Vicente Rodrigo, Head of Area Development and Innovation, ICT Department, City Council of Valencia

 “Thank you for this awesome opportunity!” Andrea Cruciani, TeamDev, TripStories

“It was great to be part of a larger European team, because […] the different projects reinforced each other and as a team we received more attention from the audience” Szilvia Varszegi, binee UG