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Aveiro, Portugal

Sector of activity:
Smart Cities

Ubiwhere is a company dedicated to research and development of software for Smart Cities and the Future Internet sectors. The company ’ s internal focus is now on the Citibrain brand, focused on unified systems for Smart Cities.


Contact: @ubiwhere


Ubiwhere is a company based in Aveiro, Portugal, dedicated to research and development of software for Smart Cities and the Future Internet sectors. Founded in 2007, it has a history of spinning off new companies and products taking advantage of its core capabilities. One of the most recent success stories is BikeEmotion, a company devoted to the development of a next generation of Electric Bike-Sharing. The company's internal focus is now on the Citibrain brand, focused on unified systems for Smart Cities. FIWARE plays a big role in Ubiwhere's Smart City strategy, playing the part of the standardisation layer that brings all its Smart Cities' solutions and data sources together. Ubiwhere's offer includes systems for Smart Parking and Traffic Management, Smart Waste Management, Smart Environmental Monitoring, Smart Vending and Smart Card, along with its City Control Center, which allows for centralised management of the city's ecosystem.




Goals and Challenges.

Smart Cities are inherently complex in nature. A single company cannot expect to monopolise every aspect of the ecosystem. Additionally, to foster a positive, innovative environment, data that is public must remain public, while business data remains controlled by the parties that can use it to drive their growth. So one must expect a diverse, heterogeneous ecosystem, with parts of the data released freely, other parts controlled by private stakeholders, while others still are being generated by crowdsourcing mechanisms. Additionally, every Ubiwhere solution that is deployed in a Smart City must provide value on its own, yet remain interoperable with the city's infrastructure and its other solutions. Hence, FIWARE enablers' roles as facilitators of this unification.

The choice of FIWARE.

FIWARE came as a natural choice when looking at ways to leverage existing trusted technology to create interoperable, standards-based ways to unify our Smart City solutions.
Being a R&D company with experience in FP7 and H2020 projects, Ubiwhere's attention to FIWARE came as a result of its on-going market and technology watch efforts. The project's quick pace of evolution and its ever-growing attention to developers made it an easy choice.

Product developed with FIWARE.

Ubiwhere's Smart City products were thus built with FIWARE integration in mind. "FIWARE-compliant" products now include – The Smart City Middleware, upon which all other solutions are built. One.Stop.Transport – A multimodal transport platform now being developed and maintained by the company, which exposes its transportation and tourism data via NGSI APIs.
Smart Parking, Traffic, Waste and Environment solutions, whose data is collected via Backend Device Management GE, shared via Orion Context Broker and processed in the Complex Event Processing GE. This scenario is used in the company's commercial solutions, and is a central component of its Porto FIWARE Node, described below in further detail.
The Generic Enablers use in the App are:
-Orion Context Broker
-Complex Event Processing (CEP)
-Backend Device Management
-Identity Management (KeyRock)

Benefits and accomplishments.

FIWARE has allowed Ubiwhere to set up a complex Smart City infrastructure powered by standards and interoperable at its core. With pilots beginning to spread throughout Portugal, the first major challenge came with the set-up of Porto (Portugal's second largest city and a member of OASC) Smart City Node. Aggregating data from Live Traffic, Environmental Monitoring, Public Transport, Tourism and Water Consumption and Quality , providing OpenAPIs for developers, Management tools for city officers and Live Dashboards and Apps for citizens is no small feat.
These tools first came together in the Hackacity Porto challenge, in June 2015, and are since then an integral part of Ubiwhere's expansion efforts throughout the country, the European continent and the world.