“We’re Ready To Implement Our Tech”: 50+ Startups To Share Their City Solutions in Coimbra on Feb 2 & 3

Jan 25, 2016

Startup Accelerator SOUL-FI will host a two-day investment match-making event in Coimbra, Portugal on February 2 & 3 to introduce over 50 startups to potential investors and to cities looking to install and run pilot projects on transport, learning, energy, the environment and smart civic technologies.

The Portuguese-based accelerator SOUL-FI (Startups Optimising Urban Life with Future Internet) focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working on smart cities, transport, social and learning and energy and environment projects. On February 2 and 3, 57 of SMEs in FIWARE community, including many who have received startup funding support, will meet in Coimbra, Centro of Portugal, to receive feedback on their progress to date, and to be matched with potential investors and cities looking to trial new smart cities projects.

“These startups are saying we are ready to implement our technology,” said FIWARE Chief Architect, Juanjo Hierro. Hierro leads the FIWARE open API platform which is the backbone technological infrastructure being used by many of the startups receiving funding under SOUL-FI. FIWARE provides a common set of open source tools so that the startups can more quickly develop and test their prototype solutions, and in future this platform will enable those same startups to scale more quickly across Europe and around the globe where FIWARE is fast becoming an industry standard for smart cities infrastructure.

The event will be held at the Pedro Nunes Institute on Feb 2, where the focus will be on providing mentoring and peer feedback amongst the startups attending. On Feb 3, the event moves to Pavilhão Centro de Portugal where it will be open to cities and investors looking to work with the startups. Municipalities across Portugal and Spain will describe their needs for pilot projects, and business angels and venture capitalists will have the opportunity for one-to-one meetings with the startups.

Some of the startups confirmed to attend include:
Wireless Sensing Power Network: a startup that harnesses ‘waste heat’ to power a wireless sensor network and enable the transmission of data
InSymbio: an emerging network that enables one company to sell its biowaste as a resource to other companies who need it
SmartLock: intelligent Internet of Things connected door lock manufacturer
FIRERISK: an application that aggregates data to help identify and prevent forest fire risks
Arianna: a personal navigation system designed to guide visually impaired people in public spaces and increase their independence
Improve Your City: a communication platform between citizens, city council and technicians and utilities.

“FIWARE community is coming to Coimbra!More than fifty-five FIWARE startups from all Europe said present to this challenging event. Now it’s time to listen to urban decisors and investors and show what European technologies can do to improve citizens quality of life.” Carlos Bento

Press are invited to attend or to book interview times with attending cities, investors and startups by registering at goo.gl/QxbfPm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FIware – #FICoimbra
SOUL-FI website: http://soul-fi.ipn.pt/event/ficoimbra/

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