TM Forum {open}:hack Building Smart Sustainable Cities

Mar 23, 2016

As part of the TM Forum Live! 2016 schedule, ‘TM Forum {open}:hack Building Smart Sustainable Cities’ will take place the weekend before the main event, in Nice, on May 6th and 7th.

This open hack, also organized by TM Forum, is a unique opportunity to bring already developed products or to create a new prototype solution using an open ecosystem platform. The participants will be working with the Open Ecosystem Platform, with Smart City Open Data, and with TM Forum and FIWARE Open APIs, to rapidly build out products and services. They will acknowledge innovative new solutions exposed by others in the hack, and be part of a competitive and collaborative experience, and they will be given valuable, expert feedback.

The hack target is to build solutions and services for the smart sustainable cities. The most impactful Smart Climate and Smart City applications created at the open hack will be awarded. The criteria for winning will embrace the most innovative and complete solutions, the ones aimed to solve real Smart Climate and/or Smart Cities challenges, and those that make the best use of the platform provided.
There will be challenges regarding the connection of 
travel and transport, the reducetion of energy consumption and air pollution, and the interconnection of IoT devices, to improve life and healthy living.

Contestants in these challenges will be using FIWARE NGSI API and Business Framework. TM Forum supports communications standards like FIWARE NGSI REST-based APIs for real-time access to contextual information of cities, which empower the creation of effective solutions that meet the needs of modern communities, thanks to common architectural features and an open Cloud platform. The FIWARE Business Framework –that includes TM Forum’s Ecosystem APIs– enables the management and the monetization of different kinds of digital assets involving multiple partners.

OpenHack300X300BannerAd.NiceFrance20161-168x168‘TM Forum {open}:hack Building Smart Sustainable Cities’ is an open event where Application Designers, Usability Experts, Developers, Data Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Developers, both international and local, can join in and meet their peers from Forum member companies, as well as other expert mentors. It is a great opportunity for developers around the FIWARE ecosystem, as the winners will get the chance to demo their application to a number of city directors from around the globe at the TM Forum Live event. Also, the three winning teams or individuals will receive prizes in cash.

The event aim to attract 100 top developers and entrepreneurs from across the globe, bringing in top talent, to ensure that the quality of applications created will be very high. After the hackathon, the first prize winners will be rewarded at the VIP event on Monday evening, in front of 200 of the top executives from across the industry. And all the winning teams will have the opportunity to demo their solutions at the TM Forum Live.

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