The new frontier of the geospatial information in agriculture

Apr 12, 2016

‘Le nuove frontiere dell’informazione geospaziale in agricoltura’ conference will be held at Rome, on April 21st. It will be co-organized by TeamDev. The spanish company Libelium team will be participating, explaining how they are equipping 2.0 farms.

More information (in Italian) about the event, and link to registration, here:

Nowadays precision farming has become a necessary tool for sustainable development of agriculture. On this subject, geospatial information is fundamental in order to support advanced technologies for targeted crop improvement.

In this context, the Conference aims to explore new frontiers of agricultural computerization. The attention is focused on Geographical Information Systems and their linked applications, created to support future agricultural practices.

There will be showed national and international case studies, in order to allow operators and stakeholders to know the recent progresses on precision farming technologies. Advantages and future development perspectives will be highlighted. A particular attention will be payed to the brand new DSS. This system, created by Assoprol Umbria, has been improved for the fight against the Olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae). DSS represents an important join-venture between public and private sector. Moreover it represents an important instrument to support decisions in line with European legislation and policies. Indeed, new orientations of European policies are focused on improving agricultural innovation through the diffusion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Libelium is the Spanish company which has developed the sensor platform Waspmote Plug and Sense. TeamDev has chosen Libelium and its Waspmote platform in order to collect targeted, accurate weather information focused on single plots. This information is fundamental to support the agricultural sector management.

Waspmote Plug & Sense collects sensors data about soil and leaves moisture, as well as temperature, precipitations, atmospheric pressure and so on. This platform keeps continuously under control the environment in which crop grows. Moreover it offers a multiplicity of channels for real-time connections to the Agricolus suite. Among these channels there is 3G and the brand new LoRaWAN.

Libelium has proved to be a reliable and competent partner whose commitment is to find innovative solutions.

logo2014TeamDev is a company that operates in the area of technological innovation and geographical sciences. It offers customized solutions, consultancy services and assistance to public and private enterprises. The commitment of TeamDev is to enhance quality of life by developing technological innovative solutions.

TeamDev is a future oriented company with solid roots in its successful past. It pursuit its aims without forgetting the human dimension of market and its actors. TeamDev develops applications and multi-devices suites based on Fi-ware technologies. Its main sectors are smart-tourism, smart cities and agriculture, with a particular focus on precision farming and IoT.

TeamDev has two headquarters in the Central Italy, one is in via Tiberina 70/i, Collazzone (PG). The other is in Polo Lionello Bonfanti, loc. Burchio-Incisa Val d’Arno (FI). TeamDev has also an European headquarter in 3, Fruebjervej street, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark.

– Published (13.3.2016)

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