The FIWARE Foundation Welcomes “Cities of the Future Institute”, the FIWARE iHub in La Plata, Argentina

May 28, 2019

Genoa, May 21, 2019 – The FIWARE Foundation is proud to announce the latest addition to the FIWARE iHubs network; the Instituto de Ciudades del Futuro from Argentina, belonging to the Ciudad de La Plata Foundation. The iHub aims to accelerate Smart Cities and will contribute to the development, standardization, and promotion of the FIWARE technologies in Argentina, as well as Latin America. It is the first institution in Argentina and the third in Latin America to join the network.

Among the activities proposed by the brand new Ciudades del Futuro FIWARE iHub, we highlight the design of a strategic and operational planning component for municipal governments, adapting international Smart City methodologies, mounted on the FIWARE platform to promote open standards and a unique platform for unification of management information for decision making. Along with this, the dissemination of the dashboard components will be promoted through two observatories that will show the degree of intelligence and sustainability of the cities and tourist destinations in Argentina. Information will be taken from public sources and the need for measurements in municipalities will be managed through indicators. In addition, strategies are to be designed and technological projects are to be promoted, also through FIWARE, to improve these indicators.

On the other hand, an important aim will be to disseminate the benefits and the FIWARE community, through events such as the FIWARE Regional Meetings, the FIWARE Awards of Argentina, and the FIWARE Day Argentina. They will work with companies, SMEs and startups in research and proposing solutions to solve problems of local communities in Latin America. In addition, they will develop projects with the academic and research community, such as the FIWARE Intelligent University, which will seek to promote smart city solutions on university campuses, interacting with the FIWARE platform.

Gonzalo Alfredo La Rosa, Director of Instituto Ciudades del Futuro, added: “It is an honor to be part of the FIWARE ecosystem that is growing rapidly on a global scale. Latin America has a large number of initiatives and technology projects, but the vast majority lack integration and the management of information and knowledge is a fundamental pillar to achieve the intelligence of cities and have better plans, strategies, and actions. Argentina is a world leader in technological human talent and its knowledge-based companies export solutions, products, and services to the whole world. That’s why we are confident in strengthening these solutions and providing them with a framework of governmental planning, but also with a unique environment, homogeneous, interoperable and flexible to interact with citizens and provide them with a better quality of life. We look forward to growing the FIWARE network on our continent.”

“I want to congratulate and give the new iHub center the warmest welcome to the growing FIWARE family. The iHub program will be central for the global expansion of our Community and development of the open Platform, this year and in the years to come.”


Instituto Ciudades del Futuro is an organization that belongs to the Ciudad de La Plata Foundation, which accompanies the local communities of Argentina in the design and implementation of innovative initiatives for a sustainable and inclusive human development that, through the use of new technologies and intelligent and participative management models, improve the quality of life of current and future generations. It promotes social and productive transformation, valuing and respecting the natural and cultural heritage.

It is our mission to work towards the future of our cities and tourist destinations, contributing to the sustainable development of all the municipalities of Argentina and Latin America. It is a group of professionals convinced that we can build a government that responds to the needs of all citizens and that manages to improve the experience of visitors, thinking about future generations.

The institution seeks to promote municipal intelligence and sustainability in the management of information and knowledge, particularly in the processes of collection, ordering, prioritization and use for compliance with plans and the definition of strategies that directly impact the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens and the tourist experience. In order to fulfill these goals, they are already working with municipalities throughout the country to implement their own diagnostic methodology through indicators.

Last week, the Instituto Ciudades del Futuro requested the accession to the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations of Spain, taking advantage of the visit of the President of SEGITTUR, Enrique Martínez Marín, and the Head of the Network, Edurne Vidal. The design and development of all technological solutions that promote and improve tourism experiences will be related to the FIWARE platform.

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