The city of Olinda welcomes BEYOND 2020 Forum

Jul 19, 2016

On the 27th, 28th and 29th July, the city of Olinda welcomes the BEYOND2020 Forum. The event is the result of an international organization of the Brazilian Human Smart Cities Network, Pointify and Update Cities bringing to Pernambuco a group of thinkers, activists, government officials, entrepreneurs and decision makers in their respective areas of work, both from the public and the private sector.

The aim is to contribute to the vision that cities have to become increasingly smarter and human – in which the focus of urban innovation ecosystems aims at ensuring that the technology works as a support tool for the citizens.

“In the current context of mobility, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship, in which cities act as “living beings”, we want to highlight and strengthen the role of humans as the core of the transformation of the city and improve its intervention in this new stage of evolution of our planet”, said the organizing committee.

The debate about openness, security and transparency of the use of data requires the involvement and active participation of central and local government and all stakeholders in the different areas of intervention and experience of the cities, especially cities that want to become Smart and Human.
For two days, the Forum will feature FIWARE workshops and the first meeting to the Open and Agile Smart Cities Initiative in Brazil.

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