Feb 4, 2016

FRACTALS Accelerator is organizing FIWARE Serbia National Day – business training sessions, pitching and high-level panel on challenges to the development of the new agrifood economy.

It will take place February 10th in Novi Sad and participation is free of charge.

FRACTALS consortium is organizing FIWARE Serbia National Day – an event focused on SMEs operating in the most innovative scope of the agrifood business.

One of the main goals is to organize a high-level panel on the challenges to the development of the new agrifood economy. Eminent international panelists will be present at the event, including experts and representatives from the European Commission and Serbian Government, industry, SMEs and scientific community.

Serbia National Day will also illustrate the advancing market adoption of new FIWARE technologies beyond EU member states, and it will show in what way Serbian SMEs can benefit from Accelerator programs like FRACTALS.
Serbia stands as the most successful associated country in the third phase of FIWARE.

SMEs present at the event will benefit from business training, pitching sessions and networking with investors and other stakeholders. SMEs will attend several business capacity build-up sessions and will be given the opportunity to pitch in front of the audience, potential investors and their peers. Also, demo sessions will be organized where SMEs will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative products.

Solutions on agrifood by FRACTALS SMEs are in their final development stages, and now market penetration is expected. Application domains within FRACTALS comprise farm management, livestock and crops optimization, business relationships creation, beekeeping, fruit and vegetables, and optimizations of fertilizers and water usage in agriculture.

Some of these projects are being developed by SMEs like Iten Enineering, Prozone and Dunavnet:

  • Iten Engineering main product is Virtual Cooperative, an application based on FIWARE and designed to help farms and conventional cooperatives to unite and join forces in purchasing and selling goods. The concept is based on virtual ‘bulletin boards’, accessible by farmers, vendors and public users, who are assigned with appropriate widgets, enabling them to create ads, filter among them and communicate with desired users.
  • Prozone offers Sdop –smart detection of pests–, using a combination of optical and acoustic means to analyze, trap and stop them before their multiplication. Sdop services use FIWARE technology to constantly monitor, process and Cloud-access information about field and crops from a computer or smartphone, being able to react in the optimum time and prevent pest harmful activity.
  • Dunavnet is specialized in Internet of Things and augmented reality. IoT innovations lead smart agriculture to an increment of quality, quantity and sustainability of production, and boost optimization and change in the agricultural sector. AgroNET solutions based on FIWARE include IoT model based irrigation, smart detection of pests, environment monitoring and digital market for fresh, locally produced food.

FRACTALS is one of the Sixteen Accelerators (A16) financed under the Seventh Framework Program that contributes to the goals of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, in particular FI-PPP Phase 3, by facilitating the promotion and early adoption of FIWARE Technologies. The main idea and purpose of FRACTALS is to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to develop FIWARE based applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agrifood sector. The project foresees support, which spreads on different levels, and focuses not only on the assistance during the life of sub-projects, but also aims also to ensure their sustainability in the long run.

Thanks to FIWARE and product development made by companies, FRACTALS connect ICT technologies and competitive advantage of a region from an associated country. Vojvodina region –and the rest of Serbia– traditionally bears a strong agrifood industry. Since a strong ICT sector has been emerging in the previous decade, FIWARE now brings it together with agrifood and allows IT developers to employ new technologies and apply them for the purpose of the agrifood sector.

FRACTALS will also be organizing Greece National Day on February 26th in Thessaloniki, focused both on FRACTALS SMEs and other FIWARE SMEs from Greece.

Timetable, venue location and more information available at the registration page:

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