New FIWARE tutorials by IMPACT to help developers build their projects

Jun 16, 2015

IMPACT, one of the FIWARE accelerators, has recently updated its Youtube channel to launch its new FIWARE tutorials. Thanks to these videos, developers aiming to build a project with FIWARE will be able to start from scratch and learn all the details about FIWARE enablers or the FIWARE Lab. Since August 2014, IMPACT has periodically published these videos, which will soon be present on our webpage too.

IMPACT, which has selected 19 projects in its first Open Call, has recently announced its second Open Call, aiming to accelerate 25 more projects with 2.5 million euros. One of the requirements to be considered is the use of FIWARE that these apps make. “Submitted projects must utilize FIWARE technologies, the cloud and open source platform commissioned by the European Union, which provide a powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that aid in the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors”, states IMPACT on its webpage.

We invite you to have a look at the videos and spread them through your social networks! There are still two more videos to come.

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