NEC Corporation joins FIWARE Foundation: new Platinum member to impel open standards global adoption

Mar 20, 2017

Berlin, Germany March 20th, 2017

The FIWARE Foundation welcomes its 5th Platinum member: NEC will join the Board of Directors & the Technical Steering Committee, contributing to the further development, standardization and promotion of the FIWARE technologies.

NEC will drive the adoption of FIWARE in Japan and globally, strengthening its commitment to push Open Standards and the Open Service Platform enabling a global innovation-driven ecosystem, and accelerating the development of IoT-enabled Smart City and Smart Industry businesses.

NEC Corporation has joined the FIWARE Foundation e.V as Platinum Member, having announced it in Tokyo, on March 17th, 2017. Under the tagline ‘Orchestrating a brighter world’, the Japanese multinational integrates technology and expertise, to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow.

IMG_1159The FIWARE Foundation is firmly committed in promoting the open source standards that will work as the basis for the smart applications of the future and disruptive business models around IoT, avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling third party collaboration.

NEC has developed a long-standing collaboration with FIWARE in the development of Core APIs (FIWARE NGSI) and a IoT-enabled platform at a global scale, around Context information and semantic modelling of real world.

NEC has been raising visibility and interest on FIWARE to Japanese governments and industry, addressing nation-level IoT strategy discussions. With this new incorporation, the FIWARE Foundation is reinforcing a collaboration that keep expanding the ecosystem: NEC has already deployed a shared cloud service based on FIWARE (CCOC), accessible and used not only in Japan, but also in cities of Spain, UK or New Zealand. The NEC Corporation is present in 160 countries, with 217 companies and reaching net sales up to $25B.

NEC will provide advanced social solutions and contribute to the realization of a human-centric smart society, “for which FIWARE’s unique capabilities of the cross-industrial use of data and service collaborations among municipalities and companies can play a crucial role.” said Yasunori Mochizuki, Senior Vice President, IoT Strategy, NEC Corporation.

NEC has been promoting the adoption of NGSI API for smart manufacturing and cities, enhancing its IoT solutions by combining FIWARE with NEC technologies, such as the set of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies included in the “NEC the WISE” and “NEC the WISE IoT” system integration platform.

We welcome NEC as a platinum member of the FIWARE Foundation and are looking forward to writing the future story of FIWARE together with NEC. I’m proud of the commitment of NEC to provide FIWARE-based offerings also to the market in Japan especially in the area of Smart Cities and Smart Industry, which are also focus areas of the FIWARE Foundation,” said Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation which is headquartered in Germany.​


Header photo by Helloquence on Unsplash.

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