Japanese now Officially a Supported Language in Keyrock’s Interface

Aug 1, 2019

Keyrock is the Identity Management GEri of FIWARE. Thanks to this component developers can easily manage security in their applications. It allows users, devices and groups management and the possibility of registering third-party applications in order to delegate authentication and authorisation following OAuth 2.0 basis.

In the previous Keyrock release the possibility of including several languages in the Keyrock’s user interface was introduced. This allows developers to include or improve translations to different languages and users to select which one they prefer when navigating through the interfaces.

Today and thanks to the contribution of Kazuhito Suda, Japanese as an official supported language in Keyrock’s interface has been introduced. Therefore, English, Spanish and Japanese are now supported as official languages in Keyrock.

This is very good news for FIWARE and for the developers’ community and supports the internationalization of FIWARE components around the world.

We encourage you to test this new functionality and to include new languages to continue improving FIWARE!

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