La isla de Mallorca, capital mundial de las islas inteligentes con Smart Island World Congress

Facility Management Services. 19/04/2017. Spain

La primera edición del Smart Island World Congress llega con el objetivo de profundizar en las oportunidades y…



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IMPACT Accelerator Presents Its 2017 Call For Startups In Málaga


IMPACT Accelerator will present its programs IMPACT Growth and IMPACT Connected Car in collaboration with the FIWARE Foundation, the FIWARE Zone, Telefónica, the Junta de Andalucía and local startup GymCraft.

Click here to register for the event. Attendees will get an exclusive 100% discount for the FIWARE Tech Summit!!


  • IMPACT Growth is the first acceleration program that brings together renowned international accelerators, open source technology, global brands, and private VC funds to invest €3.6 million in rising startups.
  • IMPACT Connected Car is focused on innovation in the mobility and transportation sector, with a specific emphasis on the verticals of safety and security, vehicle management, infotainment, and more. The program will distribute a total of €2.1M equity free among selected startups.

IMPACT Growth offers startups up to €250,000 equity free and is designed for growth-stage startups, with a product already on the market. The program is focused on four verticals: agrifood, smart cities and infrastructure, content, and smart manufacturing. Startups need to be willing to implement FIWARE technologies, an open source initiative, as part of their offering. 

IMPACT Connected Car offers startups and SMEs up to €60,000 equity free, and is focused on strengthening the mobility value chain. 

IMPACT’s Offering

Equity free financing of €100,000 equity free for each IMPACT Growth startup, with up to €250,000 for the program’s best, and €60,000 equity free for each IMPACT Connected Car startup. In addition, IMPACT offers specialized training, mentoring with top-level experts, crowdfunding support, participation in Investor Days, for direct contact with investors, and much more.

Startups interested in IMPACT Growth can apply before December 12th on the IMPACT website. Likewise, startups interested in IMPACT Connected Car can apply before January 10th on the IMPACT website.

IMPACT Málaga Info Session

IMPACT Accelerator will present its 2017 open call for startups in Málaga on Tuesday, November 28th from 19:30 to 20:30 at Antiguo Edificio de Tabacalera. C/ Concejal Muñoz Cerván, 3, Módulo 5, Planta 0.


19:30h – 19:45h: IMPACT Growth presentation – Daniel Twal, Acceleration Manager

19:45h – 20:00h: IMPACT Connected Car presentation – Sara A. Pedraz, Acceleration Manager

20:00h – 20:15h: How can IMPACT help your company? – Tilmann Holm, CEO GymCraft

20:15h – 20:30h: Q & A

Click here to register for the event!

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