I4MS Presents at MWC2019 the Technologies That Will Define the Manufacturing Industry of the 21st Century

Feb 13, 2019

The European Commission’s Initiative I4MS lands to the MWC2019 with the keys of the next industrial revolution. This year participation will be focused in the technologies developed with the support of the Innovation Actions that are part of the I4MS initiative since its foundation in 2013: Fortissimo, Cloudflow, CloudSMEs, LASHARE, INTEFIX, EuRoC, Appolo, ReconCell, BeinCPPS, Fortissimo2, HORSE, MIDIH, Cloudifacturing, L4MS and AMable.

All technologies are related with the fields of additive manufacturing, CPS, IoT, robotics and Cloud/HPC-based simulation. In the Tech4Corporates report, I4MS have selected the best cases illustrating these technologies’ ability to disrupt the current state of affairs, and getting EU manufacturing SMEs closer to become next-generation companies. These Innovation Actions’ innovative solutions and their implementation will be showcased to facilitate the matchmaking between SMEs, business needs and corporates. This way, it is expected that this B2B networking activity fosters the digital radical transformation that the EU citizens requests whilst reinforcing the EU Digital Single Market and EU productive fabric.

This engagement goal will be reinforced with the set up of the Tech4Corporates Session. During the report’s formal presentation different experts will showcase their experiences and the opportunities that I4MS technologies may bring. Also, attendants will be able to exchange and question the experts during a networking snack offered by Mobile World Capital. For more information: click here.

The event will take place at the Mobile World Capital booth, who facilitates the visibility of the overall projects in the Mobile World Congress 2019:

The Time: 27th of February at 13:00
The Venue: Congress Square 40 (CS40)
Registration: Click here


About I4MS

I4MS is funded under the Factories of Future Program and H2020 (Grant Agreement nº 768631), and coordinated by Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, FundingBox Accelerator, Foreningen MADE, Danish Technological Institute, FIWARE Foundation EV and Axencia Galega de Innovación.

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