FIWARE will announce in CeBit its proposal to develop Smart Cities globally

Jan 28, 2015

In CeBit 2015, FIWARE will announce its global bet to develop Smart Cities and publish the great results of the Accelerator Programme’s first open call. In January, 2,431 projects were received, being Germany the second country in participation (10 %), together with Spain (23.6 %), Italy (9,3 %) and Finland (4,5 %).

In workshops, conferences or startups’ exhibitions, FIWARE will publish all the details and news about its accelerator programme. The first open call has proved the FIWARE Accelerator Programme to be one of the best options for entrepreneurs. This ambitious programme was announced last September in ECFI 2014 (Munich) and now, thanks to 16 accelerators, it helps European startups, SMEs and enterprises to grow, supported by the investment of the European Commission (80 million euros). All of these projects have been developed with FIWARE using the FIWARE Lab, an experimentation environment that has already reached 16 data centers in Europe and Latin America. After the success of the first call, which is still open in the case of some accelerators, in the following weeks the second call will be launched. Until 2016, the 16 accelerators will give funding, through different open calls, to European startups and enterprises.

On the 16th of March, in Hannover, an important announce in terms of public sector and cities will be made. As Juan José Hierro, FIWARE Chief Architect, said, “this announcement will be a great breakthrough for Smart Cities in Europe and will make Europe become a global leader in this regard.” During 2014, 15 cities have developed different projects with FIWARE, but the announcement made in CeBit will mean the setup of a strategy at an European level, gradually becoming global, which will focus on the adoption of FIWARE as a standard for Smart Cities.

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