FIWARE Hackathon at Campus Party Brazil

Jan 27, 2015

Show your talent to the world developing an app based on some of the core components of the FIWARE platform. FIWARE is the open source platform that is becoming the reference choice for developing “smart” applications on the Cloud. The best application participant will win a prize of R$ 20.000. Learn about FIWARE competing for an great prize!

The objective is to develop a context-aware application and/or an application connecting to the Internet of Things using two of the core Generic Enablers of FIWARE: the Orion Context Broker and the IDAS IoT Agent. Usage of other Generics Enablers in the Cloud (e.g. Object Storage) and Security (e.g. IdM and Access Control) chapters will increase the score of your proposal. The theme for your application is free: transport, tourism, shopping, health, energy, agriculture, industry, logistics, smart cities.

You can now learn more about the hackathon and register to participate at the Campus Party webpage. Are you in? Just click here.

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