FIWARE Global Summit: Building a Smart Future with Data

May 3, 2018

The fourth FIWARE Summit will take place in the Smart City of Porto, Portugal, on May 8th and 9th. The Palacio da Bolsa, one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, will provide the backdrop for the meeting place for the international Open Source community.

As a global event, the organizers are proud to host representatives from all around Europe and key stakeholders coming from India, Japan, Mexico, Senegal and Uruguay, among others.

“The Summit is the event that allows all members and partners of the FIWARE Community to share their knowledge and collectively contribute to the achievement of the FIWARE Mission. At the same time the Summit is an excellent opportunity for people who are interested in learning how FIWARE-based solutions could help them in their digitalization activities. From Smart Urban development to the Connected Industry, the AgriFood value chain and beyond.” says Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation.

The event’s agenda will focus on key digital transformation strategies in the domains of Smart Cities, Smart AgriFood and Smart Industry. In addition, the evolution of the FIWARE Platform will be addressed. Please visit the Summit website for the full Summit agenda.

Tech meets Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart AgriFood

Cities are interconnected systems that need to be more efficient and more open in order to become sustainable platforms for the development of new business channels and new value-adding services at great scale. The Smart Cities Track will discuss the goals, challenges and strategies around this digital transformation and the collaboration between companies, entrepreneurs, investors and city government to look for common mechanisms and collaborations to improve the daily life of people and businesses.

Open source standards, and notably the FIWARE platform, are cementing their role as a common ground to digitise the European Industry. The dedicated Smart Industry Track will go in-depth, presenting the FIWARE reference architecture for the Connected Industry, helping to understand the role of Context Information Management in Industry 4.0 scenarios.

On May 8th, the track will host an in-depth session on Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation in the sector. Through International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) use cases, an introduction to the IDS Reference Architecture and a look at the Portuguese strategy for digitalisation, as well as the challenges in the Brazilian Industry, amongst other things, it will discuss the Connected Industry and its transition from strategy to reality.

The Smart AgriFood sessions will present pilot projects in North America and Africa, deployed upon FIWARE technology for IoT-enabled systems, as well as other FIWARE testimonials on Smart AgriFood. In addition, the track will discuss the FIWARE Reference Architecture for IoT-enabled systems and the challenges that lie ahead.

The Developers’ Track will represent a unique opportunity to learn the basics for building “Powered by FIWARE” applications. It will introduce the latest components added to the FIWARE architecture, including FogFlog, a new Generic Enabler for IoT Edge Computing, OpenMTC, the open source implementation of the OneM2M standards, and Fast RTPS, recently adopted as default communication middleware in ROS2, the open standard for robotics. It will also help to learn how to connect with IoT devices in LoRa networks and industrial systems exporting standard OPC-UA interfaces for gathering data, and to different Big Data processing engines such as Hadoop or Flink.

In parallel to the Developers’ Track on May 9th, Boost 4.0, an initiative to improve the competitiveness of the automotive sector through Big Data, will run a full-day training seminar. The sessions are intended to help understand the principles and reference architecture of the International Data Space (IDS), as well as how IDS Architecture elements can be implemented using FIWARE Technologies.

Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation, adds: “We want to play a key role in a digital transformation capable of improving the quality of life in each city or organization and for each individual. A true digital revolution built upon innovative services and new business models. The next FIWARE Global Summit, in Porto, is set-up to be our best ever. We will continue working together to build an ecosystem based on trust and transparency by means of open source technology.”

The FIWARE Global Summit is organized by the FIWARE Foundation with direct participation from its Platinum members -including tech giants like ATOS, Engineering, NEC, Orange and Telefónica-, Gold members and the FIWARE iHub network. The next FIWARE Global Summit will be supported by Porto Digital, ScaleUp Porto and the City of Porto.

About The FIWARE Summit:

The FIWARE Summit was launched back in late 2016, when the FIWARE Foundation hosted its first big gathering in Málaga, Spain. Over the next two years, each Summit has proven to be the perfect occasion for those with an interest in FIWARE technology to become an active member of the FIWARE Community and to benefit from the opportunities it offers.

The events have gathered representatives from over 120 cities from 24 countries, 1000 SMS, 150 high level speakers and more than 1000 attendees.

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