FIWARE at the Heart of the Smart City Innovation in the USA

May 31, 2016

Following up on the activities of FIWARE Mundus in the Global City Teams Challenge, FIWARE is going back to the USA, and this time with an even more significant presence. In the week of June 13-15, Austin, Texas, will become the epicentre of the Smart City Innovation in the United States and the FIWARE Community will be represented by 35+ participants, including the European Commission, European city representatives, industry members, academia and startups.

NIST, the US National Institute of Standards and Technologies, and US Ignite will host the GCTC Expo 2016 on June 13-14, where 9 FIWARE-driven teams will showcase their projects and will feature speakers and panelists on a wide range of smart city topics. The two-day event will include an exhibition hall with trade-show spaces and the FIWARE teams will be invited to present their initiatives on Monday 13th June:


  • “EnvyPorto” is a collaborative project between the cities of Porto (Portugal) and Portland (OR, USA) that strives to monitor environmental metrics and better define dynamic urban policies based on the solution provided by Ubiwhere. is the local solution integrator that will contribute to enhance the impact;
  • “Leisurity” is a project that will bring together the cities of Valencia (Spain), through the Valencia InnDEA Foundation, and Lindale (TX, USA) into the common challenge of revitalizing the city through smart leisure. The solutions from Visiona in smart parking and Prodevelop in monitoring and promotion of city events will complement the infrastructure of Verizon Wireless;
  • JIG Internet Consulting will showcase their Open Data-based application “SmartAppCity” in collaboration with the city of Logroño (Spain), aiming to unify all the services of the city in one single App;
  • The startup OpenMove will present their plug&play platform for mobile ticketing, making emphasis on their experience and achievements within the city of Trento (Italy);
  • The Italian cities of Genoa, Milan and Turin will participate in a joint initiative together with Engineering to address the shared challenges in preventing environmental disasters, smart parking and waste management;
  • TeamDev is focusing on improving citizens’ quality of life through their product “WiseTown“. The engagement of the city of Perugia (Italy) will prove the effectiveness of the urban planning strategy and management in order to optimize and modernize public services;
  • The partnership between the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Atos is leading to the project “MyCity”, where a FIWARE smart city platform will cope with the data and organize the traffic of the information;
  • Telefonica and HERE GPS-based maps platform will promote a smarter car navigation experience on route. This showcase, which currently works with real data from the cities of Santander (Spain), Seville (Spain), Porto (Portugal) and Antwerpen (Belgium), fosters the vision on how cities can support the Economy of Data;
  • Telefonica will exhibit another pilot involving the city of Guadalajara (Spain) with the goal of making accesible information about incidents/tickets for the urban waste management through a participation portal.


In addition to the GCTC Expo, there will be two co-located events where the participation of FIWARE is planned:

  • The 2016 Smart City Innovation Summit, taking place on the June 13-15, that will bring together over 200 cities and their respective representatives. A FIWARE booth will be present in the exhibition area on Wednesday 15th.
  • The IES City Framework Workshop, taking place on June 15-16, where it will be reviewed the progress of the three working groups coordinated by NIST. FIWARE is an official partner of this initiative that was launched on March 24-25 aiming to convene an international task force to compare and distill from architectural efforts and city stakeholders a consensus framework of common architectural features to enable smart city solutions that meet the needs of modern communities.

These activities are part of the FIWARE Mundus efforts to promote and extend FIWARE beyond Europe, and more in particular, strengthen the cooperation between European and US cities.

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– Published (13.3.2016)

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