FIWARE and PAC Announcement: Large Joint Smart Cities Study Under Way!

Jun 25, 2018

PAC, part of CXP Group is the leading independent European research and consulting firm for the software, IT services and digital transformation industry. FIWARE and PAC are joining forces to develop a brand-new research piece on Smart Cities. The study will focus on smart technologies adoption, motivations behind the current schemes, the drivers and how Smart City projects leverage value from the data they generate, and more. This project will be conducted independently by PAC and will be technology agnostic (ie. covering any IoT platforms).

Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation said “This is a great opportunity to bring solution providers as well as user organisations and a highly respected analyst firm – PAC – together and exchange best practices, ideas and jointly promote the development of the Smart Cities across the globe. We look forward to sharing selected key findings during the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona, the Berlin Smart Country Convention event and last but not least during the FIWARE Summit in Malaga all in November 2018.”

JC Bodhuin, SVP & UK Managing Director for PAC commented “We are excited at the prospect of working with FIWARE and its members on this research initiative; The FIWARE Foundation’s shared expertise and rich ecosystem combined with PAC’s deep analytical skills and knowledge is unrivalled and this initiative is sure to create exciting debate and exchange on the future of Smart Cities and associated technologies”.

FIWARE and PAC will be launching this joint research project in early July, planning to reach out to a broad range of public and private organisations including city, transport and utilities companies among others as part of this project.

For more information, about this announcement as well as the scope of the research and how to get involved, please contact

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