FIWARE Foundation and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA to Present Practical Examples for Smart Cities from European Lighthouse Cities at the Smart Country Convention

Nov 20, 2018

Berlin, November 20, Smart Country Convention. The FIWARE Foundation has teamed up with FIWARE Foundation Platinum Member Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA (parent company of the Engineering Group) at the Smart Country Convention from November 20 to 22 in Berlin, Germany. Combining exhibition and networking with training opportunities, a lecture programme, and entire specialist congress, the event will focus on digital solutions for administrations and public services, in municipalities, cities, regions and the federal government.

Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation stated: “The Smart Country Convention offers, for the first time, a focused platform for exchange on the topic of Smart City and digitization in the public sector. As de facto standard in many European countries, FIWARE would like to introduce practical examples for Smart Cities from European lighthouse cities. The open and standardized architecture of FIWARE-based solutions enables easy transmission to other German cities, thereby saving costs and time.”

Dario Avallone, R&D Director at Engineering Group affirmed: “The Smart Country Convention is a challenging opportunity to launch our FIWARE-based smart solutions on the German market and an additional fundamental step to concretely touch how our FIWARE-based innovation investments become a unique competitive value to help our clients, including the Public Administrations, to implement their Digital Transformation.”

FIWARE Foundation and Engineering Group look forward to welcoming attendees to the FIWARE World at the CityCube, hall B – booth 105. There, eight FIWARE-powered smart solutions for Smart Cities will be showcased, including APInF Oy, which offers a comprehensive, yet easy to use API management tool; SMEV; priority and protection for emergency vehicles in mission; Smart MaaS; a modular mobility service platform, and VeroCity Smart City Platform (Smart Cities Lab), which provides a full city platform for data management, including IoT, GIS, Open Data, Big Data and eGovernment.

Joining FIWARE at the booth is the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). CEF in Telecom is a key EU instrument to facilitate cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses, and citizens, by deploying digital service infrastructures (DSIs) and broadband networks. The FIWARE Context Broker, which is able to handle context information on a large scale by implementing standard REST APIs, became a CEF Building Block in August 2018.

Engineering Group will be exhibiting four of its solutions for Smart Cities: CuraVesta: an innovative mHealth service and is available to caregivers; City Enabler: an Internet of Everything platform, powered by FIWARE, for “crawling, collecting, integrating, analyze and rendering scattered urban data coming from heterogeneous public and private city (data) providers; TRILLION: an open, flexible, secure and resilient socio-technical platform to foster effective communication and collaboration between citizens and law enforcement officers in order to implement the virtuous mechanisms of Community Policing; DMCoach: a mHealth APP, integrable with Hospital Information Systems, to unobtrusively monitor, to manage and to coach citizens at risk of T2DM and declared patients increasing their awareness towards a healthier and appropriate lifestyle.

The FIWARE Foundation will organize two extensive congress panels on 20 November:

1. Smart Mobility in Cities and Regions – How to Benefit from Digital Infrastructures and Implement New Innovative Urban Mobility Solutions (11:30 AM – 1 PM, Workshop-Room M1 – Workshop Area, Level 3)
The future of mobility is digital – traditional service providers like car manufacturers, public transport or taxi are affected and disrupted at 4.000 degrees Celsius on the digital oven fired with data, triggered by the sharing economy and customers demand alike. In Germany, the economy is quite dependent on the car manufacturing industries, with roughly every 7th employee working in the mobility Industry representing 20% of the GDB and 50% of export in Germany.

2. Smart Cities – What We Can Learn from the Most Innovative and Smart Cities in the World (20 November, 1:30 PM- 2:30 PM, Conference / Hall A)
Hundreds of cities around the world have begun their journey to be smart, and thousands are actually following. Regions and rural areas jump up and connect with major cities to get a bite from the cake and not to be left behind. But what are the best approaches in class, how can social challenges be addressed, what makes cities really smart for citizens? Let’s take a look at the approaches of some of the world’s most innovative and intelligent cities. The nominees come from the cities of Vienna, New York, Berlin, Aarhus, Paris, Tampere, Helsinki, Malaga, Utrecht, and Porto, which are regularly leading the competition.

Founded in partnership with Atos, Engineering, Orange, NEC, and Telefónica, FIWARE encourages the adoption of a transparent, common, collaborative data sharing framework that will assist the IoT to reach its full potential in developing smart applications. By striving to eliminate the existing technical and commercial obstacles hindering the monetization of IoT technology, the foundation is tapping into the spectrum of smart digital solution providers that will drive the market to scale up. The organization is also in charge of driving the sustainable growth of FIWARE technologies and programmes, which spans over accelerators, innovation hubs and hundreds of developers that are contributing to the FIWARE’s components.

Engineering is a global player in the Digital Transformation sector. With over 10,500 employees and more than 50 offices (in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Republic of Serbia, Brazil, Argentina, and USA), the Group manages IT initiatives in over 20 countries with projects in all business areas: Digital Finance, Smart Government, Manufacturing & Retail, Smart Energy & Utilities, Digital Citizenship, Digital Telco & Multimedia. It operates in the outsourcing and cloud computing market via an integrated network of 4 data centers, equipped with infrastructure aligned with the best technological, quality and security standards. Engineering plays a leadership role in software research, coordinating various national and international projects through a Europe-wide network of scientific and university partners.

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