FIWARE Catalogue 8.4.1 is out!

Jan 2, 2024

As the New Year turns, we’ve completed some housekeeping on the FIWARE Catalogue. We’ve just triggered an end-of-year patch release to re-label all the Open Source software platform components within the framework to identify the latest compatible releases and allow users to assemble interoperable Smart Solutions quickly, easily and at low cost.

Typically FIWARE Releases are scheduled to align with the FIWARE Global Summits, however interim patch releases are also occasionally triggered to cover changes to the context brokers or security concerns.

One highlight is that the latest release includes updates to all NGSI-LD context brokers (Stellio 2.10.2, Orion-LD 1.5.0 and Scorpio 4.1.11), meaning that whether you are working in Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Robotics or Agriculture your preferred linked data context broker can be updated with all their newest features and bug fixes. In fact nearly every component in the catalogue has been updated since the last release – be it major version release (like Orion v2 and Quantum Leap), minor release or ongoing maintaince and bug fixes – it would probably have been simpler just to list the components that haven’t had a release recently.

To offer more flexibility for developers, over the course of the last six months, most FIWARE Generic Enabler components have been made available on in addition to the original mirror on Docker Hub. These clone FIWARE container images are duplicates the original source components created by the development teams, but can be easily found in one place, and are also accessible from the Generic Enablers webpage on

As support for NGSI increases, the number of components in the FIWARE Catalogue continues to grow, so the Generic Enablers listing can be filtered to clearly identify which functionality each Generic Enabler offers and how recently the component has been updated.

Full details of the release can be found in the FIWARE_8.4.1 release note.

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