FINESCE at the E-world

Feb 24, 2015

From 10th to 12th of February, the FINESCE-team attended the “E-world energy & water” trade fair to present the opportunities of FIWARE technology for the energy sector and the new FINESCE platform for smart energy application development.

At the E-World, over 600 exhibitors presented their ideas and shared their experience with projects revolving around the topic of smart energy. Over 24.000 visitors were present this year.

The FINESCE booth at the exhibition offered visitors an insight to the FINESCE use case project as part of the FIWARE ecosystem – represented by a large tree with the trial sites at the base of the tree and between the roots, the generic enablers lining the trunk and successfully implemented example applications as the tree’s fruits.

The FINESCE tree also presented an opportunity to introduce visitors to a shared European ICT platform for developing and testing Smart Energy applications and the development of European hard- and software standards that the project is currently implementing. The trial sites were presented along with the possibilities to use their data to test new implementations. Future opportunities for the platform as well as the advantages and possibilities for an industry driven community revolving around it were discussed and many interesting conversations arose.

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