FICHe accelerator closing event at Health 2.0 Europe

Mar 16, 2016

For their closing event, FICHe accelerator have joined forces with one of the leading digital health startup and investors gatherings: Health 2.0 Europe.

All 20 FICHe FIWARE Accelerator Programme finalists will show their demos at the exhibition floor, some of them will pitch in front of investors, others will present on main stage in front of the 600 delegates.

If you are planning to attend this important event, you can use the code ‘FICHE16’ to receive 15% discount on registration. More info and registration here:

This will be a unique chance to meet the 20 startups accelerated by FICHe, and also many more key stakeholders in digital health.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

Esther Dyson, Chairman, EDventure Holdings (USA)
Dr. Rafael Grossmann, Practicing surgeon and digital health pionneer (USA)
Damien Marmion, Global Head of Health, AXA (France)
Dr. Julio Mayol, Director of Innovation, Hospital Clinico San Carlos (Spain)
Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, eHealth and Well Being – DG CONNECT, European Commission (Belgium)

Confirmed digital health investors include:

Katrin Geyskens, Partner / ICT – Digital Healthcare & Big Data, Capricorn Venture Partners
Min-Sung Sean Kim, Partner, XL Health (Germany)
Sven Lingjaerde, Managing Partner, endeavourvision (Switzerland)
Marta Sjögren, Principal, Northzone (Sweden)
Pierre Socha, Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners (United Kingdom)
Josep Lluís Sanfeliu, Managing Partner, Ysios (Spain)
Dr. Klaus Stöckemann, Managing Partner, Peppermint VenturePartners (Germany)

And here are the 20 FICHe finalists, in their own words:

Andiamo, (United Kingdom)
Andiamo is a small team with big ambitions. We are building new healthcare solutions that will provide any person, across the globe, with the medical devices they need in less than a week. Our first challenge: Children’s Orthotics. Using 3D scanning and printing tech, we can measure and produce an orthosis in 48 hours. Shorter wait times will lead to a better outcome for the child and NHS.

Betawerk (Netherlands)
IncoSense Smart: to enhance the quality of continence care by creating patient­centered technological solutions.

Clinical Graphics (Netherlands)
We’re moving away from the times when surgeons just eye-ball your x-ray before they pick up their scalpel and start working. Clinical Graphics is the logical answer. We use software to analyze CT and MR scans of patients and provide surgery plans that are more accurate and more reproducible than what the best surgeon can come up with. We also simulate the results: what can be achieved?

HealthApp (Spain)
Healthapp is a private company dedicated to improve links between patient and therapist providing trusty information to patients and familiars about therapy and their process.

Ideable Solutions (Spain)
Kwido is a multidevice (web, mobile, tablet) cost-effective platform for caring for elderly people. Helps eldercare and healthcare organizations to save costs, reaching more clients and letting the elderly to be independent for a longer time.

Inbiolab ItoM (Netherlands)
Inbiolab has invented a unique technology for patient friendly, high quality respiratory monitoring consisting of noninvasive electrophysiological measurements of the diaphragm. Inbiolab applies this patented technology within its advanced respiratory monitor for premature born babies, the Smart Jacket. A patient friendly solution is very important for vulnerable neonates & child-mother bonding.

Medbravo (Spain)
Medbravo is a comprehensive digital solution for efficient collaborative clinical research on cancer. We have the technology needed to network hospitals, health professionals, and research personnel to streamline the referrals of cancer patients to clinical trials.
Medbravo improves collaboration of health professionals, research personnel and hospitals on cancer clinical research. By streamlining referrals of cancer patients to clinical trials, Medbravo offers more patients the opportunity to participate in the development of better cancer treatments.

Mind Myths (Ireland)
Mind Myths offers collaborative learning environments for the practice and adoption of mindfulness therapies, at a global level.
Mind Myths trainees can learn and practice mindfulness in a secure and private mindscape of their own choosing.

The core value of MYSPHERA is being specialized in hospital processes and workflows and our commitment to provide outstanding services and support to our clients helping them to exploit the full potential of the real-time location systems (RTLS), and to do it with the best tool available for process optimization, inventory management improvement, and safety for staff and patients.

NETICTECH is a Polish SME company established in the ICT area. The main activities are focusing on IT consulting, supporting implementation and deployment of new technologies and services, process deployment of advanced services, starting from collecting requirements and analysis of IT processes, proposing new designs, implementation, up to final deployment.

NeuroAtHome (Spain)
We are a clinical software development company specializing in rehabilitation and telemedicine.

OurPath (United Kingdom)
OurPath is a 12-week lifestyle improvement programme that provides people with the tools that they need to prevent type 2 diabetes. This is provided to people through the web and smartphone apps. The 12-week behavioral change programme provides users with structured education, healthcare tracking devices (e.g. wireless weighing scales), and a support network of mentors and peers to help them change their behaviors.

Oviva (Switzerland)
Our technology connects dietitians with their patients via a secure smartphone app. The patient can conveniently log meals with pictures, track activity and weight and send questions real-time to his dietitian. The dietitian has a secure, cloud-based patient cockpit, with an overview of patients stats (weight, activity, etc.) and the possibility to set goals, collect data with surveys and coach

Panatomy (Germany)
PANATOMY is a visualization software for MRI-Scan-benchmark reports, enabling users to access and analyze MRI-Scans faster and more accurately than comparable products. For Radiologists, we provide an intuitive, clean and easy to use tool for high-speed reliable diagnoses. Saving time and saving lives with certainty.

PLUX – Wireless Biosignals (Portugal)
Biofeedback EMG system for rehabilitation physiotherapists

Psious (Spain)
Psious is a mobile based technology which uses hyper-realistic virtual environments to treat anxiety disorders by virtual gradual exposure. Psious improves the current existing virtual exposure technologies making them available on any mobile system such as smartphones and allowing telehealth applications. Our mission is to revolutionize the mental health care arena democratizing the virtual.

Px HealthCare (Netherlands)
Established by medical scientists, Px is improving cancer patients’ lives while advancing medical research. Px develops mobile apps for cancer patients providing them with personalized medical support. As a data-analytics venture, the company investigates the fully anonymized, aggregated data gaining insight into the effectiveness of cancer treatments aiming to improve health outcomes for cancer.

Scyfer (Netherlands)
Scyfer helps companies to maximize value of big data by analysis of millions of variables and data points. Scyfer improved current predictive models by 5-20%, implementing Deep Neural Networks, a disruptive new powerful predictive model development in artificial intelligence.

TripMedic (Malta)
Sick travelers are miserable even if they are insured & 2/3rds aren’t! TripMedic makes sourcing a healthcare practitioner (dentist, doctor, nurse) in your language quick and easy. We reduce user vulnerability for free and offer bookings and structured private feedback to healthcare professionals all in a variable cost package. Thus creating a positive loop between users and providers.

UMANICK Identity 4 Health offers secure patient identification to hospitals and the rest of the healthcare sector. It uses the most advanced biometric technologies: fingerprint, face, voice and iris recognition. UMANICK Identity 4 Health avoids both medical mistakes due to erroneous identification, and fraud by identity theft. Thus improving patients’ safety, and reducing healthcare spending

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