Eurochocolate 2018: Visitors Flow Will be Monitored with Situation Room

Oct 22, 2018

Situation Room at the 25th edition of Eurochocolate to monitor the flow of visitors with Olivetti, TIM, Eit Digital and FIWARE.

The 2018 edition of Eurochocolate is going to start, from 19th to 28th October 2018 a lot of visitors are expected in Perugia for the most important national event on chocolate.

A large number of people generate a big amount of data, but these are very difficult to use. A particular technology allows to collect this large amount of data (Big Data) that can be processed, analyzed (Analysis) and made understandable. In particular, it is possible to verify the geographical correspondence between information and places, in order to correlate the spatial interconnection between information on specific infrastructures (GIS systems).

The above-mentioned technology belongs to the technological ecosystem WiseTown developed by TeamDev, a company from Perugia. It is a solution based on FIWARE Open Source framework. “WiseTown” (where WISE stands for Web Information Stream Enhancer), in particular Situation Room platform which is part of the ecosystem, represents a sort of centralized brain that collects information through various sources, including: open data, video surveillance of the area, geo-referenced post on Twitter, data from IoT sensors, OpenData and mobile.

The analysis of these data, mostly geo-referenced, is an important resource for urban planning during important events. The use of the collected information gives Situation Room the possibility to manage complex situations such as Eurochocolate.

The information, collected and processed by the Situation Room, provides very useful elements about people’s densities, traffic and road conditions etc. The benefits are obvious, the small town of Perugia is literally invaded by people from all over the regions who often stay just one day. Understanding the behaviour of these people can help both the local administration and the event staff to coordinate. Transport, parking, restaurants, shops… Everyone is involved by visitors’ behaviour.

The pilot project which, in addition to WiseTown, also involves Olivetti and TIM, is coordinated by Welcome project ( and requires Olivetti to provide Situation Room with anonymous and aggregated data from TIM mobile network, in full accordance with privacy laws; the platform will be able to analyze the presences flows during the Eurochocolate event.

Welcome is an EitDigital project in which TeamDev and Olivetti are partners; it supports the ecosystems of cities in understanding people’s presence, behaviour and their economic impact. Enabling a decision making process based on urban data at multiple levels. The case of Eurochocolate is an example of SmartCity applied to Retail, because the event is such that it can be assimilated to a large public event.

In 2018 the same technology digitally controlled the security of the most important American public event: lndependence Day, in the City of Independence. Situation Room monitored the public administration and citizens to ensure security during the celebrations of 4th July and allowed City of Independence to win the prestigious Government Innovation Awards 2018 that enhances the innovations brought by the U.S. public sector.

The results obtained will be reworked and presented at the final press conference of the Eurochocolate event, but also at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona from 13 to 15 November 2018.

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