A Great Example of Applied Smart City Innovation in EU is the City of Perugia

Dec 11, 2019

The Italian City adopted the FIWARE-based WiseTown tech platform to facilitate collaboration in urban planning process.

The researchers of the European Espon Program have compiled a list of “smart” European cities models. According to the survey included in the report “State of the European Territory” and recently presented in Helsinki, among the four intelligent Italian cities there is also Perugia together with Aquila, Bolzano and Turin. The Umbrian chief town is a great example of good practices thanks to the interaction between the local administration and the citizenship for the modernization of the public services and city management through the FIWARE-based WiseTown tech platform, created by the software house TeamDev.

The ambitious project of the Municipality of Perugia and Umbria Region, focused on the implementation of a sustainable and innovative urban development plan, has as interface for users the WiseTown application. The citizens are involved to co-design their city, express their opinion, add information, and make suggestions.

“WiseTown stems in the field of civic technologies, therefore the technologies at the service of the citizens that allow the public administration and the municipality to simplify the lives of the residents, improve services and have greater control over what may be the developments and how to guide them”, declares Andrea Cruciani, CEO of TeamDev.

It is not the first time that WiseTown has collected and managed real-time digital data from citizens’ reports using open source technologies such as FIWARE.

Another European project of WiseTown, based on the collaboration between citizens and institutions, is DoNotFear. The pilot designed for the city of Berlin aims to promote participatory security through formulas and methods of mutual attention, fostering social and solidarity cohesion. Developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin and co-financed by EitDigital, the project proposes an application that allows users of the public transport to interconnect with their smartphones and interact with the other citizens or with the the public transport company. This way the users may intervene in situations where other passengers find themselves experiencing conditions of insecurity and fear.


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