30.000€ funding to solve Cologne, Porto and Trikala’s challenges!

Feb 1, 2018

A tender has been launched by the Sorbonne Université (formerly know as University Pierre et Marie Curie) for the development of mobile or web applications which address mobility challenges in the cities of Cologne (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Trikala (Greece). In order to develop this solution, you will get the support of ΞMBERS, a Mobility Back-end as a Service (MBaaS) that provides all the tools you need to build your solution – mobility data, open interfaces and SDKs ready to use. During the project real sensor data of many European cities are being integrated into the platform that can be accessed by device and application developers through standardized open API.

Join ΞMBERS’ Open Call by solving Porto’s challenge!
The City of Porto would like to offer its citizens an app that not only indicates what, and how many parking spaces are available throughout the city, but also to give parking licence owners (both residential and commercial) the possibility of pre-reserving a parking spot on certain days/hours.

Find more information on: http://embers.city/porto-challenge/

Join ΞMBERS’ Open Call by solving Cologne’s challenge!
The City of Cologne would like to improve its current bicycle infrastructure and traffic through an innovative solution that:

  • provides smart insights into current road and traffic conditions – incl. road conditions and unknown danger spots
  • stimulates more cycling activity
  • promotes the direct involvement of engaged citizens
  • and allows the city to monitor and visualize the bicycle traffic in real time.

Find more information on: http://embers.city/cologne-challenge/

Join ΞMBERS’ Open Call by solving Trikala’s challenge!
The City of Trikala is looking to provide its citizens with a smart mobility solution that not only routes and guides them to a free parking spot of their choice, but also gives the city a tool to monitor and visualize traffic and parking occupancy in real-time. Moreover, the integration and unification of data from multiple departments will allow the city to develop useful insights, such as historical usage of parking spots and how parking occupancy and traffic affect traffic flow in and around the city.

Find more information on: http://embers.city/trikala-challenge/

Why participate?

  • 30k€ per challenge addressed, up to 90k€
  • You get to keep the Intellectual Property Rights: a possibility to further develop and commercialize the code
  • European/global exposure through publicity by the ΞMBERS project, the project partners, and the cities
  • You get your hands on a real-world challenge in the area of Smart City
  • You get visibility in the smart city area by demonstrating solutions with real cities


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