FIWARE Regions

in Europe
Selecting and setting up FIWARE Regions and local innovation hubs:
Set up a sustainable FIWARE ecosystem together with the decision makers and the players of the innovation ecosystem in FIWARE regions.
Support decision makers i.e. local and regional authorities, innovation agencies, industry clusters, accelerators, incubators, etc. to mobilize the innovation ecosystem (SMEs, start-ups, web entrepreneurs) so as to develop new products, solutions, applications around FIWARE.
In Europe, help regional ecosystems access European funds for innovation, in particular in relation with the Smart Specialization Strategy; and support local selected innovation hubs.
A study was performed over 180 regions
Identify the most relevant regions, which can support and mobilize their innovation ecosystem to develop new applications and services with FIWARE.


23 of them have been contacted in order to understand their interest on the FIWARE Mundus initiative.

Major outcomes of the study publicly available here (PDF)
Selection criteria:
  • ICT as one of the top smart specialisation topics
  • European ICT Pole of Excellence (EIPE)
  • Already involved with FIWARE
  • (experiments, nodes, accelerators)
    Active ICT cluster(s)
Visit the website of the incubating innovation hubs (I3H) here



Identify the key regional policy and business organisations and check their interest in setting up a sustainable FIWARE ecosystem with potential regional funding
Validate the innovation ecosystem able to adopt FIWARE to develop innovative applications, products and solutions
Identify the structure/organisation able to host and to operate the FIWARE platform i.e. to becoming a FIWARE Lab node
The benefit of working with FIWARE Mundus:
Get support to mobilize regional and national stakeholders using the taxonomy established by FIWARE Mundus
Get support to mobilize all the relevant players i.e. ICT Clusters, accelerators, incubators, industry, research…; get training and support from FIWARE
Get support to identify the relevant existing platforms / test beds through the XiPi portal; get support for training and joining the FIWARE Lab federation of nodes
First step:
validate stage 1 to 3


Meetings already held with Brittany, Picardie and PACA regions in France, Basque country in Spain, Berlin region in Germany, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, South East Ireland, Helsinki in Finland, and Porto/Norte region of Portugal and also Luxembourg. Some of these regions applied at the FICORE Open call in order to setup FIWARE Lab and then FIWARE commercial.

Other regions gave interest to the initiative and meeting could take place in 2016.

Brittany and Luxembourg has been used to develop the opportunity document (value proposition) and such a document has been used to apply at the FICORE call. For those regions which are willing to go to the next steps, the document could be partly reused.

…and prepare second step to become
a FIWARE Region



  • Interaction with JRC / S3 for the Smart Specialization Strategy initiative at EU level
  • Interaction with European Cluster Observatory, eDIGIREGION
  • Interaction set up with FIWARE and the innovation
  • hubs (I3H)
  • Interaction with Vanguard Initiative (Asturias, Baden-Wurttemberg, Catalonia, Basque, Lombardy, …)
  • Interaction with the European Commission in order to analyse the possibility to use the structural funds
  • Interaction with Open&Agile Smart City initiative (Defining city SDKs based on FIWARE plus standard data models defined using “driven by implementation approach”)
  • Interaction with DG Region in order to check the usability of structural funds to maintain and operate the FIWARE nodes after the end of the
  • Future Internet PPP.


Define the sustainable business model of operating the FIWARE platform and ecosystem (cost of the implementation, cost of exploitation and maintenance)
Prepare an opportunity document and share it with all parties involved
Get the engagement/commitment of all parties involved
The benefit of working with FIWARE Mundus:
Get support to mobilize regional
and national funding; get support to access European funding (smart specialization strategy, structural funds, etc.)
Get support
to prepare
this document
Get support
to prepare
a contractual/political agreement

Your region becomes a FIWARE Region!
You will get visibility as an innovative region, easier access to European funding, share best practices with other FIWARE Regions…
Getting the FIWARE Mundus Label offers




Facilitate access
to EU funding


Provide direct news


Help networking
with other regions
and cities.


Discover how to become a FIWARE Region and follow the evolution of
the activities of FIWARE Mundus

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