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FIWARE for Data Spaces

This paper describes how smart applications from multiple domains can participate in the creation of Data Spaces based on FIWARE software Building Blocks. Smart applications participating in such Data Spaces share Digital Twin data in real-time using a common standard API like NGSI-LD and relying on standard data models. Each smart solution contributes to build a complete Digital Twin data representation of the real world sharing their data. At the same time, they can exploit data shared by other applications. Relying on FIWARE Data Marketplace components, smart applications can publish data under concrete terms and conditions which include pricing or data usage/access policies.

A federated cloud infrastructure and mechanisms supporting data sovereignty and trust are necessary to create Data Spaces. However, additional elements have to be added to ease the creation of data value chains and the materialization of a data economy. Standard APIs, combined with standard data models, are crucial to support effective data exchange enabling loose coupling between parties as well as reusability and replaceability of data resources and applications. Similarly, Data Spaces need to incorporate mechanisms for publication, discovery and trading of data resources. These are elements that FIWARE implements and can be combined with architecture elements like the IDS Connector proposed by IDSA or iSHARE Satellite technology to create Data Spaces supporting trusted and effective data sharing.

The alignment of FIWARE Building Blocks for Data Spaces with Connecting Europe Facility Building Blocks is essential when considering creation of Data Spaces in Europe. FIWARE mature technologies, integrated with IDS Connector technologies can contribute to accelerate materialization of GAIA-X, a project started in 2020 aimed at creating a federated form of data infrastructure in Europe that strengthens the ability to both access and share data securely and confidently.

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