Business hubs, determined to incubate and encourage new services, play an important role in the global ecosystem that FIWARE is spinning.

As in webs, all nodes are essential to build a lasting and strong structure; but, in this case the wider the web, the stronger the structure.

To encourage the growth of the digital economy, FIWARE enables local digital hubs to enrich their services, to spin a network of enabling communities and to further support new internet-based business creation at local level.

It is an effort to expand the reach of FIWARE technologies, so that as many companies or even individual developers as possible can have an easy first contact with FIWARE and take full advantage of it.

This network is now present all over the European continent, with 22 Hubs. And it´s still growing and expanding beyond

Think globally but act locally is a distinguishing mark of the FIWARE ecosystem. The FIWARE iHubUBs Programme is a global initiative to support the FIWARE mission, by building communities of adopters and contributors at a local level.

The Programme aims to support the creation and the operations of iHubs nodes worldwide.

At this moment, the FIWARE iHubs Programme is being assembled as a crucial part of the FIWARE Community, in collaboration with the FIWARE Open Source Community and the rest of FIWARE programmes. Altogether, they will continue their contribution to building the FIWARE ecosystem and make it sustainable over time.

Coordination of activities linked to the FIWARE iHubs Programme takes place in the FIWARE iHubs Ecosystem Support Committee whose members are encouraged to work together in:

• Providing them with local training and support.

• Supporting the acceleration of SMEs and Startups locally.

• Strengthening the links with domain stakeholders.

• Connecting with the local academic world and defining action plans.

• Connecting with leaders of R&D programs at a local level.

• Instructing about the Programme and impelling its adoption by
   more hubs, pushing the Programme a step further.

• Granting the FIWARE principles of openness, transparency and meritocracy
   through the entire process and for the whole Innovation Hubs community.