Smart Data Models

What is the Smart Data Models Initiative?

The FIWARE Foundation, TM Forum, IUDX and OASC are leading a joint collaboration initiative to support the adoption of a reference architecture and compatible common data models that underpin a digital market of interoperable and replicable smart solutions in multiple sectors, starting with Smart Cities.

News and updates can be followed on the website and via the @smartdatamodels Twitter account and our Linkedin page.

What is in a Smart Data Model?

A smart data model includes four​ elements: The schema, or technical representation of the model defining the technical data types and structure, the specification of a written document for human readers, a URI with a working URL with basic data about the attribute or the entity, and the examples of the payloads for NGSIv2 and NGSI-LD versions.

All data models are public and of royalty-free nature. The licensing mode grants 3 rights to the users:

  • Free use
  • Free modification
  • Free sharing of the modifications

Free for all forever


Data models are grouped into subjects. Currently, every subject is a git repository. The subjects can belong to one or several domains. The domains represent industrial sectors.

Data Models Lifecycle

  • Official: The data models are accepted and are fully documented and with schema. And with examples available but for specific exceptions.
  • Harmonization: The data models are accepted but they are in progress to complete some of the mandatory elements.
  • Incubated: The data models are elaborated by the users and the organization provides support to achieve an official data model.

Current Domains