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The FIWARE Community is on the frontline of helping the health sector to become more secure and robust.

FIWARE is known for its ability and speed to address urgent challenges and the needs of society, companies, and public administrations. The need for ready-to-use solutions, based on Open Source and open standards principles – to help automate data sharing – continues to grow rapidly. This has, once again, become evident during the current COVID-19 pandemic. More and more sharing tools are available, driven by Open Source principles, allowing relevant parties to access existing solutions as well as build on top of widely available ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Moreover, present circumstances are also a test case for data safety and cybersecurity, especially when handling health and personal data.

With a foreword from PD Dr. med. Dominik Pförringer, an orthopedic and trauma surgeon based in Munich (Germany), who has focused his research and teaching activities on digital healthcare, and contributions from Engineering DSS, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, HOPU, Naeva Tec and Teamdev, the FIWARE4Health booklet showcases the ways in which the FIWARE Community members are on the frontline of helping the health sector to become more secure and robust, no least in times of a global pandemic. In addition, it highlights how health authorities and other relevant parties can leverage Open Source technologies to better track patients, aid to contain viruses, and build a robust healthcare system.

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