FIWARE Webinars

Take your FIWARE know-how to the next level with our series of FIWARE Webinars.

The FIWARE Foundation offers an ongoing series of training and business workshops in the form of online webinars.
These are designed to appeal to a variety of audiences and are ranked according to their level of difficulty.

The webinar series will cover all you need to learn about FIWARE – both technical and business. What does each of the FIWARE components brings and how apps can be developed using them. We will explain what the vision and value proposition of FIWARE is in specific domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Agrifood, Smart Energy, and Smart Industry and showcase the kind of initiatives members of the FIWARE Community are carrying out beyond the development of the technology.

All the events listed below are run according to CET (UTC+01:00).

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FIWARE Fundamentals


FIWARE Robotics


FIWARE Security + Data Monetization/Publication

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FIWARE Cross Domain

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