Smart Cities Survey

Transforming cities into engines of growth

Together we can grow the level of awareness and adoption of FIWARE within a no-stop growing ecosystem.

Help us to produce the best Reference Marketing possible, including brand new FIWARE Impact Stories, presentations, case studies, video testimonials, press releases, interviews, speaking engagements, advertisements, and much more.

Information will be used for the creation of a database of impact stories of cities where Smart City platforms and solutions, as well as “Powered by FIWARE” citizen applications are in place. All references will make it to the “Smart Cities Top Global Reference Booklet”.

Contacts from cities and organizations will only be approached for sharing FIWARE consent forms and check for interest in receiving or contributing to further material or news about FIWARE-related developments in the Smart Cities domain.

We would greatly appreciate it if we could borrow a short moment of your time in order to complete the Smart Cities Survey. Should you have other relevant contacts in your team or customer database, feel free to share those with us as well.

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