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A Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services.


Cloud computing is identified as a central piece of Europe’s digital future, giving European businesses and public organisations the data processing technology required to support their digital transformation. The European Commission thereby stepped up its efforts to support cloud uptake in Europe as part of its strategy, notably with the pledge to facilitate “the set-up of a cloud services marketplace for EU users from the private and public sector”.

DOME will materialise the envisioned online marketplace, providing the means for accessing trusted services, notably cloud and edge services, building blocks deployed under the Common Services Platform and more generally any software and data processing services developed under EU programmes such as the Digital Europe Programme, Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe.

Relying on Gaia-X concepts and open standards, DOME will provide the finishing touch to the technical building that the Digital Europe Program is creating for boosting the development and adoption of trusted Cloud and Edge services in Europe. It will provide the single point for enabling customers and service providers to meet each other in a trustful manner.

DOME will take the form of a federated collection of marketplaces connected to a shared digital catalogue of cloud and edge services. Each of the federated marketplaces will be independent or connected to the offering of a given cloud providers which, in turn, can be classified as cloud IaaS providers or cloud platform providers (each of which provide a platform targeted to solve the integration of vertical data/application services from a given vertical domain, like smart cities or smart farming, or the integration of certain type of data/application services, e.g., AI services).

DOME will rely on the adoption of common open standards for the description of cloud and edge services and service offerings as well as their access through a shared catalogue.

DOME has received funding from the European Union’s Digital Europe program under the Grant Agreement No 101084071.


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40 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 January 2023
31 December 2025
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