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Incubator of Trusted B2B Data Sharing ecosystems of collaborating SMEs linked to Digital Innovation Hubs

Improved data sharing for SMEs

The spread of data in a wide range of daily activities requires the establishment of trust between data users and suppliers.

The EU-funded i4Trust project will contribute to the breaking of ‘data silos’ that isolate interoperability between information systems and stimulate the sharing, reusing and trading of data assets. It will launch an incubator of trusted B2B data sharing ecosystems of collaborating SMEs connected to digital innovation hubs (DIHs), allowing them to share data and encouraging them to adopt proven successful tools such as iSHARE, CEF building blocks and FIWARE data models.

The project will support 32 bottom-up experiments that will engage at least 150 SMEs and 32 DIHs, helping them to understand the demand for data and establishing data-sharing associations.


“i4Trust contributes to break “”data silos”” and stimulate sharing, re-using and trading of data assets by launching an “”incubator of Trusted B2B Data Sharing ecosystems of collaborating SMEs linked to Digital Innovation Hubs””. Actors in these ecosystems will share data by using iSHARE, CEF and FIWARE building blocks. Goal is boosting the participation of SMEs in development of innovative services in different sectors based on sharing of data across value chains.

i4Trust value proposition will contribute to build trust with data users and data suppliers by supporting 32 Bottom Up Experiments that will involve at least 150 SMEs and 32 Digital Innovation Hubs. The project will help them in understanding the demand for data, establishing data sharing partnerships, identifying concrete use cases relying on trusted sharing of data, by adopting user-friendly and proved technologies for B2B data sharing such as iSHARE, FIWARE, and CEF Building Blocks, which cover all the operational, legal, technical and governance aspects related with B2B Data Sharing.

The project execution relies on a LEAN consortium of experts in B2B Data Sharing with deep roots in the European DIH Network. The project coordinator, FIWARE Foundation, is linked to a network of European FIWARE iHubs and they also bring a deep expertise in FIWARE and CEF Building Blocks technologies. FundingBox Accelerator – European leader in Financial Support to Third Parties – is also a member of 6 DIHs and partner of another 37 all across Europe. The iSHARE Foundation, on the other hand, brings to the project a deep knowledge in operational, technical, legal and governance issues related to B2B Data Sharing they have accumulated during the research and development process related with the launch of iSHARE, a neutral trusted data sharing network, with high international acknowledgement and uptake.”

i4Trust has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 951975.


H2020-EU.2.1.1. – INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIP – Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


DT-ICT-05-2020 – Big Data Innovation Hubs


3 participants are involved in the project from all over the European Union.
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1 October 2020
30 September 2023
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