TraveKom and FIWARE Foundation form partnership

Sep 17, 2020News

Joint Press Release

Lübeck, Berlin, September 17, 2020The Stadtwerke Lübeck subsidiary TraveKom, a service provider for digital solutions, has signed a cooperation agreement with FIWARE Foundation to become a Gold Member. With this Gold Membership, TraveKom will get involved in strategic activities with FIWARE. FIWARE is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Open Source technologies and open standards in IT infrastructures worldwide. For both TraveKom and FIWARE, the partnership is of great importance in order to offer the best possible smart digital solutions in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, and beyond.

The growing availability of big data, cloud solutions and internet-enabled devices makes it possible to offer so-called smart solutions, i.e. precisely tailored data-based and cost-optimized applications for individual use. With this basis, FIWARE technology sets the standards for merging existing data from different sources and developing a data model for networking cities and municipalities. Thanks to FIWARE’s uniform data models and interfaces, developers can develop independent applications. Increasingly, this data is also used in artificial intelligence applications, an area of development in which both partners want to work closely together.

Today, data sets can already be evaluated in real-time and made available to users via apps. Traffic and movement data of the city are combined with vehicle data and routes are linked with flowing traffic and free parking spaces. Digital apps make individual transportation more efficient and, thus, more environmentally friendly by sensibly linking all mobility offers. Citizens reach their destination faster. This is made possible by FIWARE technology. Also, the networking of devices in industrial production is possible and an important component for more efficient processes in production.

Christoph Schweizer, TraveKom

The wide range of applications from industrial production to citizen services makes FIWARE a key partner for TraveKom. If we want to offer the best solutions for citizens, we need technologies with open standards. FIWARE offers exactly that: Open Data is flexible, configurable and it makes individual solutions possible“, emphasizes Christoph Schweizer, Managing Director at the Stadtwerke Lübeck subsidiary TraveKom. He further comments: “We are also interested in offering technologies to citizens that are close to everyday life: from parking space management to waste management. There is an urgent need on the market here. It is important to ensure data sovereignty and transparency. FIWARE guarantees all this. Therefore, we are very pleased about this cooperation“.

Ulrich Ahle, FIWARE

For FIWARE Foundation, the cooperation with TraveKom is also of high importance. Ulrich Ahle, CEO of FIWARE Foundation, further elaborates: FIWARE Open Source is based on the principle of cooperation. By publishing the source code, software users can participate in the improvement and further development of the products and provide efficient and customized solutions in a timely manner. Professional and reliable partners, such as TraveKom, thus, create targeted and citizen-centric solutions, which also show a significantly higher innovation speed. Lübeck will also benefit significantly from this”.

In a first step, the open data model of FIWARE will be tested in the City of Lübeck with data and information being promptly fed into the offers of mobile applications. Furthermore, TraveKom positions itself nationwide as a service provider for IT data solutions for small and medium-sized cities and municipalities.   

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About TraveKom

TraveKom is a subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Group with headquarters in Lübeck. It is a digital service provider for the Hanseatic city and beyond. Three product areas belong to the core business of the company. In the “Infrastructure” area, TraveKom serves hardware products for the development of Smart Cities and regions: from the LoRaWAN radio network to server architecture for schools. The “Applications” area covers all relevant digital services: from apps for municipal or communal services and the Open Data Portal to applications for Smart Parking, Smart Facility Management and many more. With the “Knowledge” area, TraveKom focuses on people. Users from different professional groups make optimal use of digital technologies. For this purpose, TraveKom cooperates with innovative start ups, medium-sized and industrial companies as well as scientific institutions. TraveKom. Technologies for People. Visit

About FIWARE Foundation

Together with its members and partners, the FIWARE Foundation drives the definition   and open source implementation  of key open standards that enable the development of portable and interoperable intelligent solutions in a faster, easier, and affordable manner, while avoiding vendor lock-in and promoting FIWARE as a sustainable and innovation-driven business ecosystem. The Foundation achieves this by supporting a fast-growing global community that shares a common vision and combines its efforts to make FIWARE the Open Source technology of choice for industries, governments, universities, and associations to not only realize its full potential but also expand its activities into new markets and grow their business. So far, 170+ game-changing “Powered by FIWARE” and “FIWARE-ready” solutions are present in the FIWARE Marketplace. Founded in 2016, the organization has more than 350 global members, including Atos, Engineering, NEC, Red Hat, Telefónica and Trigyn Technologies among its Platinum Members. For more information visit  and follow us on  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Facebook  and  YouTube

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