FIWARE Webinars: Connecting NGSI-LD FIWARE Components - Developers (Core Context)

Differences between NGSI-v2 vs NGSI-LD InterfacesCRUD, Subscriptions and Registrations Data Models and NGSI-LD @context NGSI-LD InterfacesSubscription Payloads (Key-Values, Normalized and GeoJSON) and Customizing Payloads Registration Forwarding and receiving payloads Federations and Data Ownership Demo: Combining v2 and LD NGSI-LD is all about linked data.

NGSI-LD is all about linked data. The NGSI-v2 syntax has evolved based on the work of the ETSI standards body. This webinar discusses how to ensure your FIWARE components are NGSI-LD compatible, how to transition data and how to continue using NGSI-v2 components within an NGSI-LD architecture.