Apps Speak Louder Than Words

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Dec 022015
Smart Applications

It is hardly possible to remember when the word “smart” was first used to describe a service, or some kind of technology, or a city. Shortly after we heard someone speak about smartphones for the first time, we were speaking of smart televisions, smart washing machines or even smart houses. But none of them were showing what we understood as smart behavior. Or maybe they were, ‘cause, in the end, what do we mean by “smart”? Smart means context-aware, i.e. able to receive and analyze all of the data that is generated and transmitted around a particular device. So, maybe a fridge will never quote Plato by heart or get touched by a sonnet, but it can already count the number of, say, eggs it contains and, in case they are less than expected, tell you that you should go to the supermarket before you run out of them.

If that happens with just an appliance, imagine which the expectations were for a whole city. The whole urban area could be translated into data that, once interpreted, could be used for the benefit of citizens. You don’t need to go that far to see that, because, even if we did not notice, smartness has come to stay. When FIWARE was born, it offered a set of APIs that were supposed to fulfill those smart functionalities that developers may want to implement in their applications. After a while, they proved to be quite useful for urban data and environments.

75 cities from all over the world have already joined what we have called the Open & Agile Smart Cities Initiative, an effort to standardize the procedures that cities use when coping with data. Some of them, such as Porto (Portugal), are making such a great use of these standards that have become an example of what a smart city must be, while also fostering its existing entrepreneurial tissue with collaborations such as the one with Ubiwhere. The common incentive shared by both cities and initiatives is the drive to form a collaborative network and to deploy strategies with a common objective to promote cities. This ecosystem provides the standards to integrate data, where the FIWARE platform offers endless opportunities to work with other entities in order to achieve this goal. It allows the collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and the integration of data in order to create application and advance smart cities.  This is the fuel that engines the applications making cities become smart cities.

The focus on real-time data is something that the European Open Data Portal has also considered when making its agreement with FIWARE. From now on, the data that is contained in that portal will not only be part of the archive, but will also be shown in real time. That update offers a wide range of possibilities. Not only is the offering of data important, but also the treatment that we, as users, make of them; an aspect that has also been considered in the joint effort of TM Forum and FIWARE to improve the management of data. TM Forum’s Ecosystem APIs, including Product Catalog, Product Ordering and Product Inventory, will be incorporated within the specifications and open source reference implementation of the FIWARE Business Framework. This Framework enables the management and the monetization of different kinds of digital assets involving multiple partners.

And now, looking back on all that has been done since the FIWARE adventure began, the trace that we have left behind is not only that of agreements and intentions, but a group of applications that are already offering smart services. Hostabee, MejoraTuCiudad, BatSharing, TalkyCar… The list seems almost endless. And their success has turned out to be ours, ‘cause the real goal of our work has always been making them able to manage data from cities to build real applications for real users. It is true, we can hardly remember the first time we heard someone using “smart” to define a service, but we are so glad and thankful to have become part of that trend, that it is our commitment to keep on working to create the smartest of places for citizens.


Dutch cities collaborate on Open and Agile Smart Cities

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Nov 302015
Application abstract network

Amersfoort – Six Dutch cities signed the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) letter of intent to join an initiative that will create smart cities based on the needs of cities and communities. Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Enschede, Rotterdam and Utrecht declared to join forces and accelerate the smart city wave by adapting the FIWARE Lab NL platform.

The Dutch Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative aims to create an open smart city based on the needs of the market. Cities need interoperability and standards to boost competitiveness by avoiding vendor lock-in, comparability to benchmark performance, and easy sharing of best practices. But most of all, they need practical solutions.

The Dutch OASC cities achieve their vision by adopting four simple mechanisms:

1. Disclose data

To ensure that all cities and developers can disclose the already existing data, FIWARE Lab NL created a CKAN environment in which data will be free to use, but the ownership will remain at the person responsible for delivering the data. In addition to the CKAN environment a CITY SDK solution will enable developers to connect several datasets with each other.

2. Implementation attitude

The participating OASC cities, interested companies and developers also have the opportunity to hand over specific projects and problems that include the use of data for integrated smart city solutions. The lab aims to deliver solutions that will lead to practical implementations within the OASC cities for governments, companies or other developers.

3. OASC cities and their communities

The OASC cities will support regional, national and international open data events like IT Smart Cities at Amersfoort or Amsterdam Smart City. The FIWARE Lab NL will also organise several OASC challenges. These meet-ups will challenge application developers to develop open and agile application for the smart cities by aligning different projects and to create a successful data platform.

4. European connection

FIWARE Lab NL will coordinate open smart city activities in the Netherlands with a connection with the OASC cities. Every city will create alliances with different projects within their city to ensure the local and regional commitment. Amersfoort will remain to be the coordinating city for all the OASC cities. This project will also explore the European potential of the data platform and share results on regular meetings and events.


Fiware Lab NL is the initiative of a consortium with members Deloitte, Civity, Elba-Rec, Onetrail and Xcellent. The Province of Utrecht supports this investment in this innovation infrastructure. Fiware Lab NL is located in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

FIWARE and related Smart City Applications demonstrated at the Global City Team Challenge Festival in Washington DC (USA), 1-2 June 2015

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Jun 122015

A FIWARE delegation composed of representatives from three start-ups from the SpeedUpEurope accelerator, representatives from the City of Valencia (Spain), a representative of the energy utility company from the City of Oldenburg in Germany, as well as the project coordinator of SpeedUpEurope and a representative of FIWARE Mundus, attended the Global City Teams Challenge exhibition and workshop, which were held on 1st and 2nd June in Washington D.C., USA.


“The visitors seemed to be very interested in our mobile application, ‘APP Valencia’, which informs to the citizens, in real time, about everything happening in the city and shows lot of information to everyone. This kind of app is apparently not common in American cities. Other visitors were really interested also in our applications for administration (eGovernment and integrated paperless administration). The visitors asked us if we are interested in sharing our applications with other cities, and at this point, of course we are ready to share best practices and cooperate further.” Gema Roig from City of Valencia.

The exhibition on 1st June gathered more than 1,000 visitors and 65 teams demonstrating smart city applications. At the FIWARE booth, Binee UG from the “Binee” team demonstrated their smart bin and app for rewarding and improving recycling in the cities; Teamdev showed the “TripStories” smart tourism and mobility application destined at supporting a better environment; and Open Data City from “WeBuildCity” showcased their Open and 3D City Development Platform for Urban Planning. The City of Valencia (Spain) presented several applications deployed in their city, including the “App Valencia” City mobile application, the Valencia eGovernment Integrated Platform, the Valencia Smart City Platform, and the Valencia Transparency & Open Data Portal.DSC_0115

The FIWARE booth was very well attended by many visitors all throughout the day. There was a good and continuous turnout, with different profiles, from small companies to universities and cities. Most of the participants showed genuine interest in FIWARE and as a result there were some very interesting interactions, opening up potential opportunities for FIWARE and for the start-ups in the USA and for the City of Valencia for future cooperation with US cities.

A dedicated FIWARE session allowed the FIWARE team to provide the audience with more details about the platform and the ecosystem, and the smart city applications being demonstrated at the booth. As a consequence, a number of people showed up afterwards at the booth to get more details and demonstrations.

The FIWARE team also attended the workshop on 2nd June, which gathered around 100 participants. The main issue DSCF0173that was raised by the US participants was the following: most cities are applying some smart solutions in their cities in the areas of energy, transport, safety, health, etc., and universities develop small pilot trials in those domains. However the cities do not have an integrated smart city strategy although they would like to share more what they do; and the universities are looking for solutions that would allow different applications to interoperate and be tested on a larger scale in several cities. There seems to be a real need for an integrated system/platform such as FIWARE, which was explicitly mentioned several times during the workshop. This was also highlighted in the main issues that are foreseen for the upcoming NIST framework for the Global City Team Challenge 2016, which shall be defined shortly.

In conclusion, FIWARE principles have been very well received during the exhibition and the workshop, and several universities and cities showed interest in exploring it further. Let’s make this happen through FIWARE Mundus!

“As coordinator of one of the [FIWARE] accelerators, I feel personally responsible for the success of the start-ups involved. I really believe that in this matter the three start-ups made great progress. I foresee that in within the next 6-12 months, we will be able to convince much greater audiences, and to me the Washington case was a proof of this.” Olaf-Gerd Gemein, SpeedUpEurope project coordinator.


Contact point for FIWARE and the project teams in the USA:

What do participants think?

“OpenDataCity as a company attracted surprisingly much interest from different groups – surprisingly, because the US is pretty strong in the field of data visualization already. People showed interest in our work with open data from cities, and especially in our general ability to make sense of and to find stories in huge datasets. I definitely made some interesting contacts for OpenDataCity.” Lisa Ros, OpenDataCity, “WeBuildCity” team

“We have been contacted by some US universities interested in our work, which could provide us with the opportunity to extend the collaboration that we currently have with some Italian universities. We have also started a dialogue with the Italian embassy in DC that wants to promote our work in the USA. And we have had the chance to better understand the US point of view on smart cities and, generally, on the ICT theme and this will be useful for our future approach into the US market.” Andrea Cruciani, Teamdev, “TripStories” team

"It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our project in front of an international audience and we were very proud to attend the event as part of the Fiware and the SpeedUP! Europe Team. Our booth and our prototype attracted many curious visitors among which there have been several potential clients and investors. Several municipalities showed great interest and we received useful leads for other cities too. The GCTC conference was a very a positive reinforcement for us that we are on the good track and there is a strong demand for our product even in markets outside Europe. We were also able to connect with several other companies and startups who might be interesting partners for us for further technological development.” Szilvia Varszegi, binee UG, “Binee” team

“As the representative of the EWE AG from Germany and support of binee, the GTCT Expo was a great platform to pitch enera, our “Energiewende” demonstration project.  There were new and interesting things popping up that reflect current trends in the energy market & smart cities that will lead to further talks.” Florian Fischer, EWE AG, Business Development Manager enera Project, “Binee” team.

“Some great innovations, and all around a wonderful representation of European entrepreneurialism!” Jesse Spector, Policy Officer, Digital Economy & ICT at EU Delegation to the United States

“Thank you all for this opportunity to visit Washington and this conference!” Lisa Rost, OpenDataCity, WeBuildCity

“It has really been a great experience” Vicente Rodrigo, Head of Area Development and Innovation, ICT Department, City Council of Valencia

 “Thank you for this awesome opportunity!” Andrea Cruciani, TeamDev, TripStories

“It was great to be part of a larger European team, because […] the different projects reinforced each other and as a team we received more attention from the audience” Szilvia Varszegi, binee UG


A year of innovation – FIWARE in 2014

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Dec 302014
Geeky Christmas

After so much work, the year 2014 is now coming to an end –a year full of great moments and memories for the FIWARE team. If we were to summarize the last twelve months in just one phrase, it would definitely be “constant growth”.  Growth in almost every level, but especially in terms of international presence and participation. In the last FIWARE blog post of the year 2014, we will see why 2014 has been a milestone for FIWARE and will analyze this year of great events, great development and, above all, great people. Come with us and let’s discover together what FIWARE has already achieved and the many pursuits that are still to come.

At the very beginning of the year, FIWARE was present at Campus Party Brazil, where the awards of both the Smart City and Smart Business Challenges were given, while also new challenges for developers were launched: the Smart Society Challenge, which promoted initiatives pursuing benefits for today’s society, and the FIWARE Excellence Challenge, which promoted those apps making the most of the FIWARE technology. As for the first challenges, the best apps received a total amount of 290,000 €, the winners of the first prizes being FI-Guardian and Foodloop. Campus Party Brazil was but the first evidence of the great wave of innovation that FIWARE was about to bring, making new space for development and entrepreneurship, as the founder of Girls in Tech said.

But, apart from attending international events such as CeBIT 2014, this year has been the year of the FIWARE expansion, with the creation of FIWARE nodes all around the world and the setting of nodes in cities like Seville, Málaga, Santander, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Valencia, Trento, Torino, Espoo or Lisbon. But this effort went beyond the European boundaries, and soon countries from other continents announced their implementation of FIWARE nodes, such as Mexico or Brazil.

After months of hard work, the winners of the challenges launched in Campus Party Brazil, Smart Society and Excellence Challenges, got their awards in an event which was held in three different Spanish cities at a time, Seville, Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In this multisite event, a total amount of 190,000 € was delivered among the best apps using FIWARE; Cares was chosen as the best solution for today’s society, while both FI-Guardian and Fonesense were chosen as the apps making the best use of FIWARE technologies.

However, if 2014 was the year of something, it was the year of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. It aims to pave the way for developers and entrepreneurs longing to create their own digital business by providing mentoring, support and a total amount of 80 million euros in funding for innovative solutions. After only 3 MONTHS, the programme has already received 1,842 proposals of 36 different European countries. “The Internet is an amazing opportunity for any kind of innovator”, said Neelie Kroes, former Vice-President of the European Commission. This European initiative was also presented at international events such as the European Conference on Future Internet and Smart City Expo 2014, the latter taking place in Barcelona and with a wonderful stand designed by the artists of Boa Mistura, a work of art that shocked everyone passing by, as it offered different perspectives while walking around (anamorphosis). FIWARE was then a step closer to transforming cities into engines of innovation.

And although FIWARE reached many countries through events, startup weekends, challenges and workshops, it is not the only growth that we have witnessed. The FIWARE community keeps growing all around the world, let’s now have a look at our social media! More than 1,300 people have joined our Facebook page since the beginning of the year, while in Twitter, that amount climbs up to 3,885!

For 2015, we only hope a bit more of this “constant growth”, more developers, entrepreneurs, cities, public administrations and active actors of development to join our ecosystem, so that we can make development easier and accessible to all. And meanwhile, let’s see what 2015 holds in store for us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  


Winners of FIWARE Challenges keep working on their apps!

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Dec 022014
FIWARE Challenges

In its efforts to foster young innovation and entrepreneurship in terms of digital services, FIWARE has lately organized some challenges for developers using our technology to build their own apps. Do you remember the last challenges, FIWARE Smart Society Challenge and FIWARE Excellence Challenge? Those whose prizes were awarded at a multi-site event that took place in Seville, Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) at the same time. All of the ideas were good enough to deserve an award, but only some of them could get one. And this is how some winners of the challenges see FIWARE:

We are pretty sure that some these participants may sound familiar to you. Do you recognize them? They, winners of FIWARE awards and grants, are the developers of some of the demos that were present at Smart City Expo World Congress 2014, in our wonderful stand designed by Boa Mistura. Among them, for instance, you will find OutBarriers or EsAccesibleApp. This shows that from hackathons, challenges and startup weekends, great ideas arise and become established in this ecosystem that, together with cities opening their data and developers longing to use our generic enablers, FIWARE is creating.

Outbarriers, which has placed itself as one of the examples of FIWARE success, is now not only present at our events (link in Spanish). Its technology is reaching a real market that is opening up a world of possibilities. Last month, the hotel Alhambra Palace from Granada, Outbarriers’ hometown, signed an agreement with them to equip the hotel with this system, to help blind people move safely through the hall, the corridors, the restaurant and all the different rooms. According to the information published in (in Spanish), and considering that the hotel is not only a place to stay, but also a building of artistic interest, Outbarriers may also be used as an audio guide.

Juan José Bilbao, developer of EsAccesibleApp (SP), also attended Smart City Expo World Congress, where he explained to all those who were interested how his app can summarize information about accessibility of public and private spaces all around the world. An initiative that started as a personal project has now engaged lots of people that, according to the developer himself, are now updating the data base with new places and evaluations. The presence of both Outbarriers and EsAccesibleApp at Smart City Expo reminds us that building smart cities also means building cities where all citizens can live on equal terms.

But these were not the only awarded apps at FIWARE Challenges, others like BiT, SixCampus, Cares, FI-Guardian, FoneSense or Wadjet, among others, were also recognized for the wonderful use of FIWARE that they make. FIWARE would like to congratulate all participants again; because, in the end, all of them were great examples of how to use FIWARE to build new services that can improve cities and society. We hope that events to come keep building this community around FIWARE and all the possibilities that it offers.

Smart City Expo: World Congress (Barcelona)

Smart City Expo

Rethinking the present and future of urban growth

Welcome to the key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world's most innovative cities, companies, research centres, universitites and international organisations. 

From theory to practice

Major companies and investment companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, cities… All sharing the same physical space where ideas and projects for smart cities become a reality.

An added value for the Smart City Expo World Congress…

From researchers to entrepreneurs. The Smart City Expo World Congress brings together the largest community of smart city influencers. Want to be part of it?

Why visit the Smart City Expo World Congress?

Whether you're looking for concrete solutions, make contacts or simply because you're interested city models, it's a good reason for coming.


Do you want to discover more about FIWARE at SCEWC 2014? Visit: /scewc/


FIWARE Challenges Awards

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Oct 182014
FIWARE Smart Society

At FIWARE Multi-Site Event, the prizes of Excellence and Smart Society Challenges have been given, two categories that witnessed the presentation of 9 teams in Gran Canaria and 18 in Seville. The jury, formed by FIWARE members, sector representatives and the accelerators, has valued the work of teams, which have received training and have collaborated with FIWARE architects to improve their prototypes during the whole week. The Irish project Fonesense and the Brazilian FI-Guardian have both won the Excellence Challenge. Cares, a Mexican project, has won the Smart Society.

A total amount of 39 teams have reached the finals of both challenges, although only 27 attended the event. Five Spanish teams, one from Ireland, another from Germany, one Greek and another from Brazil arrived at Canarias. Some of them have already participated in different FIWARE Challenges, such as the Campus Party at Brazil.

All of them were good enough to be awarded and met the requirements of the challenges, the first and most important one, using FIWARE technologies to develop their prototypes. It has been a week of excitement and hard work. In both sites, Seville and Canarias, working hand in hand with FIWARE architects has assured very high quality presentations. In the afternoon of Thursday 16th, the candidates of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented their projects and, the following day, the same happened in Seville.

Although it was planned to have a winner for each award, the jury at Las Palmas of Gran Canaria has decided to declare null and void one of the awards, to give two first prizes FI-Guardian and Fonesense. “The quality was very high”, Fermín Galán explained, president of the jury in Gran Canaria. In Seville, the first prize has been for the Mexican project Cares.

The category of Smart Society, whose prizes were given in Seville, awarded the development of the most innovative apps for societal purposes. Apps concerning education, health care or social inclusion, for instance. In this category, candidates could also be chosen for the Excellence Challenge. The list of finalists was elaborated at Campus Labs, but two of them (both Spanish), Kodefu and Where2Study, got their post at Hack 4 Good. The rest of the projects in the final, 12 of them were Spanish, were: Magicbox, Proyecto Stic, MyEco, EsAccesible App, FiGlass, HEALTHIOX: ITIOX, EruditFriend, Cares, OurSkin, BEING IN TOUCH: BiT, PajamaKids, Societal, ProHealth, WakeUp, Sixcampus, My people care, A_Outbarriers HackAcademy, HappyCities and RL-Education.

In this category, the winners have been:

  • “Cares”: First Prize, with a prize of 75,000 €
  •  “My people care”: Second Prize, with a prize of 40,000 €
  • “A_Outbarriers”: Third Prize, with a prize of 20,000 €
  • “Being in Touch”: Special Mention, most innovative application, with a   prize of 5,000 €
  • “Sixcampus”: Special Mention, young developer, with a prize of 5,000€

Smart Society Challenge

The prizes of the Excellence Challenge were given in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This category focuses on services developed for the Internet of the future and dedicated to Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Business. During the whole week, all participants have tested their prototypes and improved them together with FIWARE architects. Projects from different countries of the world reached this final. Among the candidates, we found FI-Guardian, Smart Box, Apparkart, FoodLoop, FoneSense, Wadjet, Interact, Spring, Small Signals. More information about them can be found at

In this category, the winners were:

  • “FI-Guardian” and “Fonesense”: First Prize, each with a prize of 25,000 €
  • “Small Signals” and “Wadjet”: Excellence in IoT, each with a prize of 10,000€
  • “Spring”: Excellence in User Interface, with a prize of 10,000 €

Excellence Challenge


Tech Camp & Startup Weekend FIWARE Special Edition: Berlin


Tickets for each event can be bought separately.

FIWARE Tech Camp

During an action-packed two-day programme, experts teach you to work with the groundbreaking open-source FIWARE technology for faster, cheaper, smarter app developments. You gain sought-after technical expertise to join the revolutionary European Future Internet Ecosystem!

FIWARE Startup Weekend: Smart Cities

Working in teams of entrepreneurs, designers and developers, you have one intense weekend to launch an innovative business idea that makes our cities smarter. Powered by the FIWARE technology for fast, simple and smart app developments, you join the European Future Internet revolution!