#MyFIWAREstory – WiseTown: city quality enhancer

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Sep 092016

Recent studies show that data generated in the world doubles every year: most of this information concerns our daily life and should be of interest for the municipality where we live. But municipalities are often small or medium-sized ones and cannot manage to sort and analyze all the information that is being produced or all the citizens’ requests around it.
In order to solve that unevenness between goals and capabilities, it is important to develop a Smart Data plan as a central part of each Smart City strategy: data is the key point to activate Civic Technologies and to make them really effective.

TeamDev, founded in 2008, mixes its software skills with the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) competencies with the aim of creating tools and products that prove able to support vertical markets and to clear up the problems encountered while undertaking daily tasks or dealing with predictive analysis routines.
The Research and Development team is composed by Smart City experts, Full Stack developers, User eXperience experts and Data scientists.

During the recent years, the working team doubled the effort to put these skills in use in two vertical sectors at the same time, creating and adapting the solutions to fit each one of them. For the agricultural field and within the SmartAgri scope, the team developed the Agricolus ecosystem. And, for smart cities, they have deployed the WiseTown project.
Even regarding the evident differences between these two dominium, there is a common denominator: the high impact that the data analysis presents for both of them.

WiseTown stands for ‘Web Information Streams Enhancer for your Town’. The goal of this solution is to collect information from different streams to identify the issues that are affecting the city in several areas: urban renewal, garbage collection, public safety, transportation, social services and environmental problems. In addition, real-time analysis is accessible by creating a “situation room” to manage the singular occurrences.

In action, WiseTown follows three steps: first, it acquires the data from different sources (portals, social networks, mobile apps, IoT sensors and Open Data from other sources); then, organizes the information according to a comprehensive knowledge database that has been made previously available; and last, it uses the data in order to deliver one-to-one feedback, geographic analysis for events and emergencies and other decision support systems.

More than a single web application, WiseTown is a whole ecosystem that offers analytics and management functionalities, that can support future urban planning, ease to handle real-time events and contingencies and that can aid the creation of a participative environment whete citizens and town managers can discuss the city development.

WiseTown is powered by FIWARE. The WISE orchestrator is the module that interacts with the social connectors, the external APIs and the others data sources. It runs the management of the information collection process, enabling the solution to gather data from several sources. In this phase the orchestrator uses FIWARE Orion Context Broker to connect the platform with the open data, hosted in a CKAN based platform. It also uses FIWARE NGSI to connect the IoT sensors feeds and uses Orion notifications to feed the APIs, exposed for the integration with other software.

The engine analyses, ranks and aggregate the data, assigning the ownership of the information to the right office. Then, it starts its core work: the management and analysis of the reports. Wise Engine is still responsible for the workflow of the reports while Orion Context Broker dispatches the information to the user interface, the GIS environment and FIWARE Cosmos.
The most valuable part of the platform still is the information itself. The platform’s supervisors will perform geographical analysis thanks to the ArcGIS Online geoprocessing capabilities and pattern analysis with the business intelligence functionalities of FIWARE Spago B-I GE.
wisetown2The final goal of WiseTown being adopted by the cities is to allow them to:

  • Monitor, within a single process, both human generated and IoT generated information.
  • Generate a valuable database, connecting heterogeneous systems and gathering information that will be useful for urban planning
  • Engage citizens to improve their own city and providing them with real-time feedback on the city issues
  • Save management costs and avoid the waste of human resources, reducing:



    • The time to resolve each issue that has been proposed as important or problematic
    • The time to send each issue to the right person to deal with it, within the municipality
    • The time to manage a complete set of issues, thanks to the algorithms that can remove/aggregate redundant/coincident issues
    • The targeted clients for the WiseTown solution are, undoubtedly, the cities. By adopting the smart platform that TeamDev has delivered, a city management would accomplish the monitoring of human generated and IoT generated information within a single process, thus creating a valuable database that can interconnect with heterogeneous systems and gather and show information that can be useful for urban planning. WiseTown would also engage the community to improve the city by receiving the data generated by the citizens and giving them back real-time feedback on city issues.

WiseTown ranked as one of the final top projects accelerated by Finodex and has been involved in the FIWARE Mundus initiative and present its solution at the GCTC events in Washington DC and Austin, where the participation was shared with one of WiseTown first customers and early adopters: the City of Perugia.

A great occasion to discover the WiseTown project would be the next and near event organized around the Open Data Accelerators.

This is our story, which is yours?

FIWARE AT THE GCTC'16 – ANDREA CRUCIANNI – WiseTown: City Quality Enhancer from FIWARE on Vimeo.

An Artificial Intelligence project for the treatment of children with autism, in the top ten of FINODEX

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Apr 012015
FIWARE Psykia Finodex

IO will be a sociable robot that will support to psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the treatment of several developmental disorder using FIWARE technology.  

MADRID, 18 March 2015.- The sociable robot IO (Intelligent Observer), whose goal is to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders in children, has been selected in the top ten out of 200 proposals by FINODEX, an accelerator that funds and provides support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data in the framework of the European Commission. 

The robotic platform will assist in the diagnosis and treatment of autism, Asperger syndrome, specific language impairments and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) through the development of social skills. The robot will provide a voice interface using natural language, similar to the virtual assistants of the smartphones and tables. It will also include computer vision, being able to recognize people and objects, eye tracking and identify facial emotions.  

The robot IO is based on FIWARE technology, a platform development funded by the European Commission for the creation and deployment of services and applications in Internet. This new infrastructure includes the Internet of Things, Big data, Cloud hosting, Data mining, Interfaces for networks and devices (I2ND) and Security. 

The main advantages of IO in front similar products will be its top level performances at an affordable cost. Furthermore, by means of Machine Learning techniques, insights obtained from the big data streams will provide the scientific community with very valuable data in the research of the developmental disorders. 

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications. Finodex (Future INternet Open Data EXpansion) is one of these 16 accelerators, focused in supporting the development of products and services building upon FIWARE technologies and using Open Data.



The biggest event for open software agents and open technologies. FINODEX will be presented there and will host a workshop. To attend the FINODEX workshop register here


Open Data. Untapping the hidden value

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Oct 022014
open data

During the past years the public administrations from all over the world have been involved in the deployment of public data pools,  sharing data owned by the public administration over an open-shared scheme. The main intention of these practices has been bringing transparency to the public sector and the adoption of new open-government initiatives.

The increase of open data has even brought assessments like “data is the new oil” and the idea of new business generation thanks to its use, will definitely increase income by the administration, so that taxes will be the way to provide economic sustainability to all the open data infrastructure deployed.

Moreover, recent studies point out the potential value of open data, for instance, McKinsey Global states that the use of open data could generate more than $3 trillion a year in additional value only in the US and Deloitte shows how open data creates new opportunities in the UK.

It is also worth to mention the initiative OpenData500 which is currently analysing 500 companies in the US making use of open data somehow in their business processes. This permits to really quantify the value untapped and prove the need of publishing more data to boost innovation.

FIWARE and one of its accelerators, FINODEX, provide both the technical infrastructure and the funds to make this real. On the first hand, FIWARE counts already with a remarkable amount of open data provided by different cities at FIWARE Lab. On the other hand, FINODEX provides the experience and the business modelling skills that a start-up needs to turn their data-based business idea into reality.

In sum, if open data is the new oil, FIWARE and FINODEX are the drills to extract it. Do not hesitate to apply to the first open call for proposals opened from the 7th of October to the 19th of December.