Help NYC and Barcelona Enhance Mobility for the Low Vision Community

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Oct 262017


New York City and Barcelona have joined forces to launch a joint call for innovative solutions, challenging YOU, the global technology community, to improve safety at intersections for blind and low-vision pedestrians.


Whether it's a smartphone application, a wearable device, or another technology solution that can help citizens with vision loss; if you can think of creative, innovative ways to leverage personal devices, location-aware technologies, and data sources ranging from NYC Open Data and Barcelona Open Data to signal timings, then this challenge will be right up your alley.


Interested? APPLY NOW and submit your applications before November 2, 2017 to get involved and to work towards ‘a city for all’. This could be a great opportunity for you to gain visibility and to show the strength of your projects, as well as FIWARE tech, when applied to mobility, accessibility and inclusion in Smart Cities. Winners will be eligible for funding from the selecting city to pilot their solution.

Smart Urban Farming Challenge: a new FIWARE opportunity!

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Sep 042015
Man holding rake on his shoulders in roof top garden

More than a year has passed since the last time we spoke about the use of FIWARE technologies in the field of agriculture and food production. And, if that last time, we imagined how these processes could be improved by the implementation of the latest technologies, now it is time to foster that implementation and the creation of smart services aiming to improve the consumers’ experience as well. To achieve that goal, one of the FIWARE accelerators (FRACTALS) has presented the Smart Urban Farming Challenge, encouraging web developers to create innovative services and solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming.

This challenge will distribute a total amount of 49,000 € among its winners, in a ceremony that will take place in ICT 2015, one of the biggest ICT events organized by the European Commission and which will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal).

Would you like to apply to the Smart Urban Farming Challenge?

If you want to participate in this challenge, you must consider that the whole process is divided into two different stages. According to the accelerator’s webpage, “the first stage or call for ideas invites participants to submit innovative ideas for applications that can be developed using the FIWARE technology. Proposals (up to 2 pages long) shall be submitted to the FRACTALS accelerator until the 25th of September, using the following email address: (”. You can find a template with more details ON THIS LINK. Ten teams will be selected and will be then invited to Lisbon (with an initial prize of 900 €), where they will participate in the second stage of the process. The rest of the money will be distributed as follows:

  • First place: 20,000 €.
  • Second place: 12,500 €.
  • Third place: 7,500 €.


What services can be included in the concept of “Urban Farming”?

  • Applications to enhance productivity in urban farms (incorporating concepts such as IoT, optimization of inputs, task planning, etc.).
  • Applications that provide urban farmers with access to markets (connecting urban farmers with customers nearby, promoting the environmental benefits of urban farming and social responsibility of consumers of urban farming products, promoting innovative business models associated with sharing economy, etc.).
  • Applications that promote networking and training among urban farmers (connecting urban farmers with each other and allowing them to promote their products collectively and exchange knowledge and experiences, promoting barter economy networks related to urban farming products, e-learning apps for urban farming, etc.).

So… what are you waiting for? Do you want to participate? Would you like to have more information about the ict_2015_lisbonchallenge? You are not really sure whether you can present your app or not? Then, find all the detailed information you may need here.

The ICT 2015 – Innovative, Connect, Transform

The Smart Urban Farming Challenge will take place in the frame of the ICT 2015, which is, as we already said, one the major ICT events organized by the European Commission. There, participants will also attend conferences and exhibitions, while having great networking and funding opportunities. If you want some more information about this event, don’t hesitate to visit the European Commission’s digital agenda, where you will find everything you may need to know. Join us during ICT 2015 to network, follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission's new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT, find information about funding opportunities and much more!


FIWARE in Campus Party Mexico 2015

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Jul 312015

Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico), the place where Mexican traditions as widely known as tequila and mariachis were born, the second city of the country in population, did also place itself as a leading Mexican city in terms of technology from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2015. As Sao Paulo (Brazil) did in February 2015, during those days Guadalajara 2hosted Campus Party Mexico 2015 and gathered an audience much bigger than expected. Longing to see some of the participants such as Rodolfo Neri Vela (first Mexican astronaut), Zach King (Vine star) or Bruce Dickinson (lead vocalist of Iron Maiden), campuseros could also live a true FIWARE experience! Do you want to know what we did there? Keep on reading and discover it all!

Right next to Palco Luna, the FIWARE logo brightened with a blue light and in strong contrast to the white that dominated the place. Among other reasons, this year, FIWARE attended Campus Party México 2015 to present the new FIWARE node that is to be open and that will become the biggest node in Latin America, thus strengthening the role that FIWARE plays in Mexico and achieving technological autonomy for the country. This node was presented earlier that week in Mexico D.F. in collaboration with Infotec and the Mexican 1Technology Platform (MTP). This will allow Mexico, as Juanjo Hierro stated during Campus Party, to be the first Latin American country to deploy FIWARE and its acceleration programmes.

Participants in Campus Party Mexico 2015 could attend both an introductory speech by Juanjo Hierro, Hugo Estrada and Juan Manuel Romero in Palco Tierra and detailed workshops by technology experts to learn how to use FIWARE to make the most out of their ideas. Juan Manuel Romero did also present his own project, Cares, and his own experience as FIWARE entrepreneur, finalist of a FIWARE hackathon in other Campus Party and winner of the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge. But not only that! Attendees could also participate in the #FIWAREIoT competition. They only needed to follow FIWARE on Twitter and tell us what they would connect to the Internet of Things. The best answers got a FIWARE T-Shirt!

Let’s be honest, all of that is great, but the truth is that, if there was something that drew everybody’s attention, it was the FIWARE 4Smart Apps hackathon, whose prize climbed up to 170,000 pesos (about 10,000 €). Pedro Pablo Rodríguez won the first prize with the project HugTeddy, which allows busy parents to watch for their little children and not to miss out any detail of their growth. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Stay tuned because we will soon post more information about the three projects that got the three prizes, so that you can learn how they used FIWARE to develop their own projects.

In short, Campus Party Mexico was, as it always is, a great and funny experience both for the FIWARE team and all the developers that participated in our activities. The only thing we can say is… see you soon, campuseros

Kurento received 2014 WebRTC Conference & Expo V Demo Award

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Dec 192014

The following post is an adaptation of a press release delivered by Kurento. We would like to thank them for their collaboration and to congratulate them for receiving these awards.


FIWARE gets "Best of Show" award at WebRTC Conference Expo Paris 2014. This is the most important conference in Europe for WebRTC, a new wave of real-time multimedia technologies bringing video-conferences and video-communications directly to the browser in a standard way and without requiring any kind of installation. FIWARE got the award through an application combining Kurento (the Stream Oriented Generic Enabler implementation) and Orion (the Context Broker) to demonstrate the viability of using advanced computer vision technologies and augmented reality to improve the security of cities and the safety of citizens. This award reinforces FIWARE approach: combining last generation multimedia technologies with Internet of Things and thus providing innovative ways to exploit machine-to-machine and person-to-machine video communications for Smart Cities.

In November 2014, announced that it had received the “Best WOW Factor” and “Audience Choice” awards from TMC, Systemwide Media and PKE Consulting, at 2014 WebRTC Conference & Expo V. is an open source software project providing a WebRTC media server and a set of client APIs, making simple the development of advanced video applications for WWW and smartphone platforms. Kurento Media Server features include group communications, transcoding, recording, mixing, broadcasting and routing of audiovisual flows. This makes possible for developers to create applications going beyond the plain call model.Audience Choice Award at WebRTC

“These awards, obtained at the heart of Silicon Valley, in the most important WebRTC Conference of the world and competing against the most relevant companies in the WebRTC arena, are a very relevant milestone in our project and reinforce our vision and our energy for continuing to contribute to creating an ecosystem of really open technologies around WebRTC”, said Dr. Lopez, the project coordinator. These awards are very important for the project, which is still on maturation status and needs to gain the appropriate critical mass for becoming a successful open source community.

“On behalf of WebRTC Conference & Expo, I am very pleased to recognize the innovation demonstrated by at the 2014 Demo Awards” said Carl Ford, Event Co-Producer, WebRTC Conference & Expo V. “Companies like are the driving force behind the growth of WebRTC. truly deserves this award and I look forward to more innovative solutions from them in the future.” “It is my pleasure to grant a 2014 WebRTC Conference & Expo Demo Award to for their innovative media server solution,” said Event Producer and TMC President Dave Rodriguez. “It is our pleasure to be able to honor for their inspiring work.”

Dr. Luis Lopez explains the project in this terms: “If I see and X-ray or if I listen to a heart beating through a video-conference, the information I obtain is quite different to the one perceived by an expert cardiologist. However, current state Best WOW Factor at WebRTCof the art makes it possible to use computer vision, speech analysis and augmented reality to capture the expert’s knowledge and depict the appropriate diagnosis information to me in a comprehensive way onto my video-conference. In this way, my knowledge and my senses could be extended by the communication system in ways I cannot event imagine today. provides the appropriate framework for integrating this type of capabilities with WebRTC communication systems in a seamless and direct way.” can also be used in segments beyond person to person communications, making new business models for advertising, smart cities and other person-to-machine and machine-to-machine scenarios possible. Dr. Lopez presents it in this way “our demos have shown that, by using Kurento, it is is possible to improve the security of cities by integrating computer vision algorithms with street IP cameras, which, can be visualized by the appropriate personnel using WebRTC when an interesting event occurs. We have also shown that it is possible to create new advertising models based on embedding users, through their WebRTC enabled browsers, into virtual environments where they can interact with celebrities or other virtual objects in impressive ways.”

FIWARE Challenges Awards

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Oct 182014
FIWARE Smart Society

At FIWARE Multi-Site Event, the prizes of Excellence and Smart Society Challenges have been given, two categories that witnessed the presentation of 9 teams in Gran Canaria and 18 in Seville. The jury, formed by FIWARE members, sector representatives and the accelerators, has valued the work of teams, which have received training and have collaborated with FIWARE architects to improve their prototypes during the whole week. The Irish project Fonesense and the Brazilian FI-Guardian have both won the Excellence Challenge. Cares, a Mexican project, has won the Smart Society.

A total amount of 39 teams have reached the finals of both challenges, although only 27 attended the event. Five Spanish teams, one from Ireland, another from Germany, one Greek and another from Brazil arrived at Canarias. Some of them have already participated in different FIWARE Challenges, such as the Campus Party at Brazil.

All of them were good enough to be awarded and met the requirements of the challenges, the first and most important one, using FIWARE technologies to develop their prototypes. It has been a week of excitement and hard work. In both sites, Seville and Canarias, working hand in hand with FIWARE architects has assured very high quality presentations. In the afternoon of Thursday 16th, the candidates of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented their projects and, the following day, the same happened in Seville.

Although it was planned to have a winner for each award, the jury at Las Palmas of Gran Canaria has decided to declare null and void one of the awards, to give two first prizes FI-Guardian and Fonesense. “The quality was very high”, Fermín Galán explained, president of the jury in Gran Canaria. In Seville, the first prize has been for the Mexican project Cares.

The category of Smart Society, whose prizes were given in Seville, awarded the development of the most innovative apps for societal purposes. Apps concerning education, health care or social inclusion, for instance. In this category, candidates could also be chosen for the Excellence Challenge. The list of finalists was elaborated at Campus Labs, but two of them (both Spanish), Kodefu and Where2Study, got their post at Hack 4 Good. The rest of the projects in the final, 12 of them were Spanish, were: Magicbox, Proyecto Stic, MyEco, EsAccesible App, FiGlass, HEALTHIOX: ITIOX, EruditFriend, Cares, OurSkin, BEING IN TOUCH: BiT, PajamaKids, Societal, ProHealth, WakeUp, Sixcampus, My people care, A_Outbarriers HackAcademy, HappyCities and RL-Education.

In this category, the winners have been:

  • “Cares”: First Prize, with a prize of 75,000 €
  •  “My people care”: Second Prize, with a prize of 40,000 €
  • “A_Outbarriers”: Third Prize, with a prize of 20,000 €
  • “Being in Touch”: Special Mention, most innovative application, with a   prize of 5,000 €
  • “Sixcampus”: Special Mention, young developer, with a prize of 5,000€

Smart Society Challenge

The prizes of the Excellence Challenge were given in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This category focuses on services developed for the Internet of the future and dedicated to Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Business. During the whole week, all participants have tested their prototypes and improved them together with FIWARE architects. Projects from different countries of the world reached this final. Among the candidates, we found FI-Guardian, Smart Box, Apparkart, FoodLoop, FoneSense, Wadjet, Interact, Spring, Small Signals. More information about them can be found at

In this category, the winners were:

  • “FI-Guardian” and “Fonesense”: First Prize, each with a prize of 25,000 €
  • “Small Signals” and “Wadjet”: Excellence in IoT, each with a prize of 10,000€
  • “Spring”: Excellence in User Interface, with a prize of 10,000 €

Excellence Challenge


FIWARE Challenges Skilled Developers!

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Oct 092014
FIWARE Challenges

During the last year, FIWARE has organized different challenges for developers to encourage and foster the creation of new ideas which could spread FIWARE’s reach. Remember FoodLoop, the app that warns you about discounts at the supermarket? They are precisely one of the apps that won one of these competitions, the Smart & Business Industry Challenge. As them, many others have climbed to the top of FIWARE apps. And the ones that obtained a mark superior to 7 in the evaluation of previous challenges have been directly selected for the FIWARE Excellence Challenge. Which are then these new competitions? What are they about? How will the teams be awarded? Keep on reading and see!

FIWARE is now rewarding developers with two new challenges: one for the creation of Internet applications that improve societal issues and another one that awards the excellent use of FIWARE technologies. Do you want to see how teams present their projects and work on them? Come and see how FIWARE rewards work and innovation!

Find more information on the two challenges and their awards ceremonies:

Smart Society Challenge

This challenge will award a total of 200,000 € to find the most innovative projects that pursue societal benefits using FIWARE Lab. Internet applications that are focused on education, health, social inclusion are just a few examples of themes that can  participate in this category. Do you want to know which teams have been selected for the final round? Among them, you can find names such as Magicbox, EruditFriend or ProHealth, find them all here!

And who will be in charge of selecting the winners? They jury is formed by:

  • Carlos Ralli (Telefonica Research & Development – Spain) (President)
  • Daniel Moral (Telefonica R&D – Spain)
  • Aitor Magán (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain)
  • Álvaro Arranz (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain)
  • Thomas M. Bonhert (ZHAW – Germany)
  • Pasquale Vitale (Engineering – Italy)
  • Sami Jylkkä (Cyberlightning – Finland)
  • André Driever (Jeremie Fund – Germany)
  • Marco Núñez Farfán (Soprea – Peru)

FIWARE Excellence Challenge

FIWARE Excellence will award Internet applications that truly make the most out of FIWARE technology, and is open to any kind of application. Amongst the selected teams you will find several of the teams that participated in the Smart Cities and Smart Business Challenges, since, as we have already said, those who received an evaluation above 7 were automatically admitted into the selection. If you want to know a bit more about the challenge and discover the new teams that have been selected, you can find more information here.

And, in this case, who will be in the jury?

  • Fermín Galán (Telefonica R&D – Spain) (President)
  • Juanjo Hierro (Telefonica R&D – Spain)
  • Fernando López (Telefonica R&D – Spain)
  • Thomas M. Bohnert (ZHAW – Germany)
  • Pasquale Vitale (Engineering – Italy)
  • Sami Jylkkä (Cyberlightning – Finland)
  • Gabriel de Blasio (University of Las Palmas – Italy)
  • Sebastián Müller (ISDI – Argentina) 

When will teams get their prizes?

In the course of the Multi-Site Event that will take place next week, from the 15th to the 17th of October 2014, in different Spanish cities (Valencia, Seville, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), there will be different award ceremonies for each of the challenges (in Seville and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Participants will show their projects and take part in workshops to improve them. Then, on Friday 17th, the jury will consider the different projects and will announce the awards.

If you want to know a bit more about how teams will present their projects, here you can find the agenda of the event:

Please, note that the Canary Islands are on a different time zone and one hour must be substracted to the hours shown here for events in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (UTC +1)

Seville (UTC +2)

Monday 13

09:00 – 14:00


16:00 – 20:00

Arrival of participants


Individual presentations of projects

Individual coaching of the jury


Arrival of participants


Individual presentations of projects

Individual coaching of the jury

Tuesday 14

09:00 – 14:00


16:00 – 20:00

Team work



General seminar


Team work

Wednesday 15

09:00 – 14:00


16:00 – 20:00

Bootcamp for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Team work and support

Bootcamp for SMEs and entrepreneurs

Team work and support

Thursday 16

09:00 –14:00

Bootcamp for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Team work and support.


At 13:00, Excellence Challenge deadline.

Bootcamp for SMEs and entrepreneurs.


Team work and support.

16:00 – 20:00


Team work and support.



Smart Society Challenge deadline

Friday 17

09:00 – 14:00

Free time


16:00 – 18:00




Awards ceremony

Awards ceremony


FIWARE congratulates winners and all participants in advance!


Selected teams to compete in the FIWARE Excellence Challenge

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Sep 222014

Finally! We have the list of selected teams for the FIWARE Excellence Challenge! FIWARE Excellence will award internet applications that truly make the most out of FIWARE technology and is open to any kind of applications. Amongst the selected teams you will find several of the teams that participated in the Smart Cities and Smart Business & Industry Challenges since those who received an evaluation above 7 automatically were admited into the selection.

But we will also find new ideas, with teams that come as far away as Cambodia and Saudia Arabia! 

Here is the list of team leaders and applications presented: 

1.    Viviane Lessa with the project called FI-Guardian 
2.    Alejandro SantaMaria Arza with the project called Sparky 
3.    Álvaro Romero Izquierdo with the project called Smart Box 
4.    Daniel Lima with the project called La urbo
5.    Marco Vereda Manchego with the project called Apparkart 
6.    Margarita Vaca Martín with the project called Cares
7.    Christoph Müller-Dechent with the project called Foodloop 
8.    Federico López with the project called SmarTaxi 
9.    Félix Joel López Salcedo with the project called Context 
10.    Christian Ryder with the project called FoneSense
11.    Xabier Chao with the project called Wadjet 
12.    Stelios Sotiriadis with the project called Interact
13.    Ihab Abusafa with the project called Mapencil (Geo Sketch)
14.    Marian Claudiu Moldovan with the project called Spring 
15.    Jorge Artieda with the project called Small Signals
16.    Beatriz Justo with the project called Midnight VIP 
17.    Mak Sophea with the project called Local Offer

Want to know a bit more about the new applications that are participating?  

FIGuardian from Brazil
Adverse circumstances such as natural disasters are more and more common worldwide. With proper warning people in Smart Cities can be well informed of these risky events, providing a safer environment for them. The objective of the application is to help intelligent cities become more resistant, aiding in communication, orientation and warning of adverse circumstances such as natural disasters. The solution consolidates tracking system data, centralising information from different sources, and carrying out customisable and intelligent remote sensor analysis, communicating risk events to citizens before they occur.

Sparky from Mexico
Finding parking in large cities is a nightmare. The Sparky team is building a mobile application and a hardware device to help parking owners share their spaces while not in use and help drivers find a short or long-term parking place.

Smart Box from Spain
The main objective is to "sensorize" cities, obtaining a huge source of useful information that consumers can check from their homes through a tv screen and a remote control. 

La Urbo from Spain
The objective is to give people the opportunity to express their feelings about the city in which they live, or even a city they are visiting. This way, users can share their feelings on issues such as fear, insecurity, satisfaction, joy, boredom, disgust, calm, excitement, etc. These feelings will be pinpointed, which means that each city will have a map of feelings and impressions of its inhabitants.

Appakart from Spain
ApparKart is an app that tells you where there is an empty parking place near you. The application detects your current location and proposes areas close to you which probably have an empty parking place. The addresses listed are captured by through active sensors embedded in parking meters. The system also provides a map to get to the suggested area. With this application citizens could save time, money, energy and, of course, reduce air pollution. Another plus: the application is free.

Cares from Mexico
Based on the motto "Intelligent Health when we want, when we need it and wherever. Thanks to sensors and information stored in the cloud, this system gives much more secure and personalized medical attention. The main goal is to reduce operating costs, improve management of large volumes of data and establish a structure of private security in information management. These advantages can benefit both governments and healthcare organizations.

FoodLoop from Germany
FoodLoop offers the food industry supply chain and sustainable optimization solutions. Users can automatically commercialize high-quality fresh products, in real time and with lower prices as expiration dates approach so they can avoid waste and reduce costs. Consumers get offers directly to their mobile phones. The entrepreneurs maximize sales revenue while minimizing the loss of perishable products, and provide more affordable fresh food by offering discounts, special offers, etc….

Smartaxi from Spain
SmarTaxi collects data about the location and condition of a vehicle in real time. The data is stored, processed and reaches the driver through Internet. This way the driver is able to access and view a "heat map" with colours that indicate areas of greatest concentration of potential customers. The only requirement is that the driver has a smartphone or tablet with Internet connection. This project that originated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia is intended increase taxi drivers income and improve city services.

Context from Spain
Context is a start-up that offers solutions based on the exchange of data through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor network services. Its concept is simple: companies interested in these services will be marked by these sensors and will be in constant contact with the user via the app. In turn, the client will benefit from the sensors by being able to get the information he needs or to shop. For example, a user checks the app and see products from different brands that he finds interesting. When he clicks on any product he will get more details and options, such as adding products to a personal collection, see which friends have it in their collections or buy it, either online or by locating through GPS which is the closest stores that sell it.

Fonesense from Ireland
FoneSense is a new mobile marketing platform that agencies can use to attract customers to the growing mobile advertising market. It uses the audio on smartphones and pays end users – smartphone owners – a reward every time the phone rings and the jingle is used. As a result, it provides advertising agencies a new channel for very targeted advertising as well as a solution to one of their biggest headaches: how to attract new consumers by moving away from traditional channels and increasingly using mobile media to entertain. Advertisers can reach their target audience through a mobile-telephone device that meets all their needs and will also provide them with detailed statistics regarding the use of their campaign

Wadjet from Spain
Wadjet is presented as an enterprise solution for systematic monitoring of field operations within a company, oferring SMEs a cost-effective solution to acquire better control and visibility of their field operations. The application is particularly suitable for fleets of vehicles and workforce management. For example: users will be able to monitor location, driving behaviour, speed, etc.

Interact from Greece
Interact is a project that unites motion sensors with gesture recognition. The basic idea is to allow people to use their hands to express themselves. This could be especially useful for different users (social networks) and people with special needs (e.g. hearing and speaking impaired people). The application would interpret up to 200 gestures and hand signals (e.g. “forgiveness”).

Mapencil (Geo Sketch) from Saudi Arabia
Mapencil (GeoSketch) lets you draw on a map with a variety of tools to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit things. Express thoughts quickly and easily on any location on a map! Share ideas with coworkers and friends! Since GeoSketch works in your browser, there is nothing to download or install. Publish when you are ready to share your thoughts.

Spring from Spain
What happens if we gather people, machines and cities in a global network? We have Spring: an platform where geeks, developers and users collaborate together to improve their quality of life

Small Signals from Spain
SmallSignals is an Internet of Things platform for environmental control. Using this technology, they are developing their own range of products. These products include: a Ph meter, a water temperature meter, a water flow sensor, a light-temperature-humidity module, a soil humidity sensor, a remote operated relay switch and an Ethernet gateway. A mobile app allows the user to monitor the measurements, recover the historical data and perform actions over the actuators and relays. Also data from different origins can be mashed up into the mobile or the cloud application to use it on the control logic.

Midnight VIP from Spain
Midnight VIP is a service that offers discounts and offers for a night-out. It is available on the iPhone, Android and Web. It is like the "El Tenedor" Spanish app for going out at night instead of restaurants.

Local Offer from Cambodia
With the current rise of development in Cambodia, many locals have become more aware of their options regarding shopping experiences, purchasing power, and even availing of discounts. Due to the rise and improvement of commercialism, many establishments feel the need to reach out to their possible customers in various ways. As such, LocalOffer aims to extend help to both consumers and establishments alike. For establishments and business owners, LocalOffer provides them with a way to promote their products and services to a wider range of possible consumers. For consumers, LocalOffer allows users to find the best deals and good finds, coupons, and discounts that establishments may be offering. As a result, both parties are happy as both are able to acquire some sense of gratification and both parties are also able to reap benefits by having their needs met.

Good luck to all! 

Selected teams to compete in the finals of the Smart Society Challenge

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Jun 132014

We have just received the selection of teams that will participate in FI-WARE's Smart Society Challenge!

The Smart Society Challenge will award a total of € 200,000 to find the most innovative projects that pursue societal benefits using FI-LAB. This means internet applications that are focused on education, health, social inclusion are just a few examples of themes that can participate in this category. We have 20 teams selected through Campus Labs and 2 teams that won through a partnership and hackathon wtih Hack 4 Good.

Congratulations to all. See you in the finals at Campus Party in Spain! Here is the list:

  • Magicbox: Javier Herrero
  • Sitic: Raúl Herrero
  • EsAccesible app: Juan José Bilbao Junquera
  • Figlass: Antonio Sánchez 
  • HEALTHIOX: ITIOX Javier Alvargonzález
  • Cares: Carlos Miguel Vázquez 
  • EruditFriend: Tatiana Orlova & Yuri Orlov
  • OurSkin: Angel Carlos Román
  • PajamaKids: Alex Holubec 
  • FI-CARE: Marcos Marconi
  • BEING IN TOUCH: BiT (Banana Lab team) Héctor Linares
  • ProHealth: Alberto Calleja
  • WakeUp: Jorge Izquierdo
  • Sixcampus: Alex Sancho 
  • HappyCities: Ricardo Moreno
  • Societal: Roberto Ibarra
  • My people care: Chris Meudec 
  • Outbarriers: José Manuel Robles
  • HackAcademy: Massimiliano Picone
  • RL-Education: Sebastián Villa
  • Where2Study: Brais Viladedra
  • Kodefu: Miquel Camps

They will compete in the next Campus Party in Spain for the following prizes:

First Prize: €75,000
Second Prize: €40,000
Third Prize: €20,000
Special Mention Young Developer: €5,000
Special Mention Application with the greatest potential: €5,000

What will they experience participating in the finals? Well, here is a reminder of what it was like the last time, when we had the Smart Cities and Smart Business Challenges in Brazil!