Accelogress will help bring your app idea to life. UX design, software & app development, data science and more: They help you build the right features first so you can generate revenue quicker. 

Scalable, ultra low latency and adaptive WebRTC streaming. End-to-end latency is ~0.5 Seconds. Ant Media Server supports WebRTC, RTMP, MP4, HLS and RTSP.

Breeze pushes the limits of environmental sensor development. their small-scale air quality sensors can measure common pollutants like carbon and nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and many more.

Blockchain tech designed for Agri-food sector. By offering the largest production chain platform in the world, they are using new technology to build a better agrifood system through traceability and transparency.

HOPU offers innovative low power modules with M2M/IoT/LP-WAN, scalable management  to facilitate large scale deployments, maintenance and monitoring, and finally ad-hoc sensors for the different markets.

KMB Lab creates innovative solutions to make the cities more comfortable, efficient and safe. KMB lab develops high-quality IoT systems for assets anti-theft protection and tracking.

Metrica6 is an R&D company specialized in product development engineering and innovation strategy consultancy. For them, a problem is just the beginning of a solution.

phoops is a Consultancy, Systems Integrator and Application Manager, addressed to design and implementation of innovative technology solutions based on new communication channels.

We are a digital healthcare startup striving to digitize the healthcare industry and make Medical & Medication errors a thing of the past through modern-day technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

QISAB’s vision is to become a world leading player within in-line inspection of surfaces inside the industrial process, including in-line quality control of goods and tools. 

Xapix is powering the machine conversation. They help companies find new sources of innovation through data. Xapix automates data normalization, transformation and integration.

Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS is one of the pioneering companies in Europe specializing in the environmental-friendly handling of artificial turf fields. 

The bridge between smart city and smart home: Smart Neighbourhoods with a SaaS powered by an IOT+DLTs Hub. The mission is “To bring Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) into the technological age”. The problem & Solution: 80.000 annual court cases (4% of total) are related to HOAs just in Spain. Only 12,2% of homeowners are happy with their current HOA management.

Industrial motors will have problems. If not diagnosed in time, they can result in massive losses, due to unnecessary repairs, or even worse, unplanned downtime.

Public transport plays a key role in the sustainability of a smart city. With more than 11 billion journeys per year, public transport is the core of urban mobility.The company help transport companies and mobility providers to exploit this potential!

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