Success Stories

Meteo for energy

Meteorology Applied for Energy Efficiency


3DKUMO are a design, engineering and innovation led start-up, forging disruptive technologies across hardware and software in the area of consumer enabled 3D access, 3D scanning and 3D digital asset creation, engagement and marketing.


ADAMO introduces innovative technologies for geographically enhanced touristic information, which are brought together to cover the lack of integrated solutions for the management of touristic services, enriched with advanced mobility solutions

Adminotech OY

Adminotech Oy has expertise in developing 3D software projects with the realXtend SDK. They have released a new product based on the open source realXtend tundra SDK: Meshmoon.

Aerial Power Ltd.

Solar brush is developing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – a drone - specifically designed for cleaning solar panels.


AGRICOLUS brings powerful tools and technologies to European and worldwide farmers. AGRICOLUS is an applications ecosystem for precision farming with multiple purposes: disease awareness, crop monitoring, decision support system for treatments and fertilizers, farm management. It is already on the market and farmers, association of farmers and government, use it.


Agrostis is a Greek SME that develops and markets Information Technology and Automation solutions exclusively for the AgriFood domain.Agrostis core product is ifarma, an integrated cloud and mobile Farm Management Information System (FMIS) for farmers, farmer groups and agriculture production companies.


Alzhup was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping face the huge problem of dementias in our society, specially Alzheimer’s, in a new way: Using technology in the proper way and putting it at the service of the users, being the vehicle to make scientific advances accessible by everyone, but also promoting the participation of whole environment in the challenge against Alzheimer’s.

Any Solution

It is an SME based in Mallorca (Spain) and develops strategic methodologies and projects in the field of Research, Development and Innovation, Tourism, Smart cities and destinations and Emergencies amongst others.

Archon: Autoomous Drones

Archon consists of a system where several flying drones can interact with each other in a perfectly automatic way, to perform a series of complex operations – including recharging automatically - without the direct intervention of people. Briefly It is about smart scheduling of multiple robotic intelligences.


Charge Advisor aims to be the next generation charging experience for Plug-in Electric Vehicles drivers.


Augwind offers a huge storage device for compressed air to large industrial plants.


Babbler is a next-generation tamper evident seal for supply chains. It is an innovative solution which is simple to use and includes a temperature log


The company provides energy production optimization services for the photovoltaic industry through the analysis of monitoring, operations, maintenance and external data to audit energy production at the minimum possible level and based in machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms generate recommendations for the O&M team that maximize the energy production.


BeeZon intends to bring together the power of Internet of Things and the Agricultural Domain. The company focuses on apiculture, and by exploiting electronics and internet capabilities envisions a world where beekeepers will remotely control their apiaries and make smart management decisions interacting with the bees as little as possible.


Bosolog is a scalable Multi-sensors and Assets' Log Monitoring and Management Software. Our innovative concept encompasses elements such as: fully automated business logics, accurate mapping; real-time monitoring of several parameters and personal alerting by exceptions; proactive maintenance; and support to tactical and operational decision-making.


We provide actionable insights for a more livable environment.

CardioID Technologies

Raise awareness to market that technologies can help reduce road accidents through CardioWheel, a device for automotive vehicles that uses the human electrocardiogram (ECG) to continuously provide information from driver’s health status, namely detection of fatigue and drowsiness, abnormal cardiac health problems, and, additionally, to perform biometric identity recognition.

Connect Robotics

Connect Robotics believes in the use of Drones for low weight package transport to hard to reach regions, being a quick and cheap solution for the last mile delivery process, a service level booster for last mile and scheduled deliveries, and helpful tool for internal logistics.


Cortex is an energy analytics software which get the electric consumption in real time, forecast the future one and cut costs.


FI-Sonic Project refers to the processing and analysis of sound captured by a network of Smart Sound Stations using multichannel microphones distributed throughout the city, providing continuous noise measurement, and sound event detection and identification.


Everimpact wants to solve Air Quality issues in Cities, by measuring and monetizing their CO2 emissions.


We envision a supply chain of connected elements as an enabler for global logistics.

Fashion Cloud

Our service is supporting the digital transformation of European fashion manufacturers and retailers. The FASHION CLOUD consolidates and structures the content of fashion labels and provides it to retailers via an online B2B platform.


FI-Guardian is a Smart Monitor for Adverse Events. For FI-Guardian, adverse events are any kind of events that impact the citizens’ quality of life or expose them to conditions of risks.


FI-Mirror develops a web-based system enabling users to visualize virtual modifications of their face in a real mirror usage scenario.


The objective of our project “FIWARE Service for Spare Parts Logistics in 3D Printing Digital Supply Chains (FIL3D)” is to provide the spare parts industry with an open platform to support a paradigm shift to a Digital Supply Chain (DSC) where a “virtual stock” is 3D-printed on demand by local producers.

FLOUD, by Magenta srl

FLOUD is an innovative, flexible and low-cost platform for road-traffic data collection and analysis. Based on sensors equipped with advanced video analysis software, FLOUD is the answer to our smart cities’ need for minimally invasive systems to improve transport management.


FoneSense intends to help brands spread their message through audio triggers and by rewarding phone owners. Among other things, this allows to transform consumers into brand ambassadors and offer a continuous brand engagement.


Foodko is a solution that takes advantage of free capacities in food distribution, be it in food transportation or warehousing to bring food straight to consumers.


GEEZAR is a technological company with Spin-Off recognition by Universidad de Zaragoza, created after a researching group on Energy and Efficiency.


GeoSLab aims at generating value for its customers, providing advanced software services for spatial information management

Glue & Blue

Glue & Blue (GnB) provides the perfect balance between art, design, technology and people. Glue and Blue is the vision from HOP Ubiquitous to build "Human Oriented Products" that define the next generation of products that feed the emerging consumer IoT market.


HealthApp was created on November 2013 and focuses on the development of mobile applications for the health sector, with special emphasis on improving communication between patients and therapists in long-term and chronic diseases.


Healthbail is an idea for the development of a platform that would enable adopters of a healthy behaviour to seek advice from online sources in an efficient and rather timely effective way.


Hostabee provides a device and the associated services to remotely control the life cycle of any kind of beehives to foster the development of urban beekeeping.


Toys created by you, made by us.


Non invasive high quality electrophysiology measurements using dry monitoring electrodes available for all neonatal patient monitors in hospitals & home care to improve neonatal patient care & quality of life.


inReception is the one-stop shop for vacation rentals. The easiest way to manage, promote and distribute non-hotel accommodations such as b&b, farmhouses and holiday apartments.


INSYLO is a solution to remotely monitor the stocks of the silos of the livestock farms and optimize the replenishment routes. It is composed of a new generation device, installed on top of the silos, and a collaborative cloud platform that provides all the apps and services needed by farmers and feed suppliers.


INTOINO is an educational KIT designed for students and kids for learning coding building internet connected HW projects.


ISETIC was founded in 2014 with the aim of bringing intelligent technology to companies in business and manufacturing processes and smart cities thanks to ZEUS service.


wIne STorage MOnitoring System


Kalliópê Live Interaction Suite is a set of software tools that enables live communication and interaction with big audiences as well as spaces when performing live shows, events, and day-to-day communication in festivals, smart cities, smart stadiums, shopping centres, congresses, conferences, etc.


To offer the first connected mobility platform overcoming the fragmentation of the existing siloed systems, hardware and software, for urban mobility services, and supporting the integration of multiple applications, to deliver integrated, more effective and higher quality services, as envisaged in the EU Smart Cities & Communities vision.


Koiki’ s goal is to change the usual concept of home delivery service by empowering the recipients to choose the day and time of delivery.

LeeLuu Stories

LeeLuu Stories helps families sleep better through providing a platform for communication and storytelling around sleep and fear of darkness.


Measurence has developed an actionable data platform for any physical commerce business. Our internet-connected sensors detect presence, position and activity of people within physical spaces. Our main product is Measurence Scout, which leverages the hyperlocal data we collect to guide retailers to find and monitor the best locations to grow their business.

Mejora Tu Ciudad

The platform provides different channels and communication tools, both for citizens and for city councils. Citizens can send service requests, suggestions and ask questions via a mobile application, and so turning themselves into the sensors of the city.


Mermix is a new, innovative web service that has multiple purposes and goals; the most important of all is that it provides the rural community, such as farmers (small, medium or professionals) the opportunity to easily reach and access agricultural machinery and check their availability through the web.


Web and mobile synchronized cloud platform for online registration and payments, rosters, scheduling, live scores, sanctions and economic management.


MultiDub allows everybody to enjoy the movies and series, in your preferred language dubbing.


Cities can implement an economically viable urban mobility service without investing in infrastructures. Citizen will benefit of door to door mobility that is sustainable both from the environmental and economical point of view.


To empower Clinicians, Patients, and Healthcare Management with smart sensor-driven on-demand actionable information to improve patient care outcomes while increasing efficient management of resources in hospitals.

Neuro At Home

NeuroAtHome is a suite of software applications that allows healthcare professionals to prescribe physical and cognitive therapy across care settings: it can be used during the initial recovery process in hospitals or as prescribed by clinicians for post-discharge use in community and home settings. Similarly, NeuroAtHome's more than 60 exercises use real-time motion capture and gamification to quantify therapy and thus, improve outcomes and increase patient engagement.


OEEX stands for Open Energy Exchange and this basically names our leading vision: create a demand side peer-to-peer energy market where everybody can sell and purchase energy at flexible tariffs.


OpenCheck's goal is to leverage the competitive position of professionals and SMEs by fast transparent access to business background information available for every European country.


The OpenMove team moved very quickly from the product design phase to the offer on the market. After an analysis of data about the current market trends and potential, they moved to the phase of prototype design.


OurPath is helping people to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. OurPath’s vision is to develop a holistic, scalable and cost-effective programme for the prevention of type 2 diabetes, and by extension, a healthier population.


The core parcelLab feature is the monitoring of parcel shipments for online shops, enabling them to ensure customer satisfaction even in case of delivery issues


Parlance aims to empower the citizens with disambiguated usage of language that is relevant to a particular region in the world. With the tag line of “speak local”, Parlance aims to localise the usage of a language, by gathering translations from the local citizens.


Pzartech is a distributed 3D printing service that enables manufacturers to provide end parts locally to their customers. It enables customers to quickly source end parts and customize the items they purchase.


Scuter is developing and launching an electric scooter, three-wheeled and homologated to be driven without wearing a helmet in combination with a scooter sharing service.


Scyfer is a specialized Artificial Intelligence company that applies state of the art machine learning and solutions


Sensape revoltunites the way brands advertise their product using artificial intelligence

Small Signals

Small Signals allows users to remotely control the quality of water and other parameters, by giving online access to sensors. Thus, it uses the latest technologies, such as the Internet of Things, to control environmental conditions.


SmartAppCity is a modular app for smart phones addressed to local administrations. The app brings together all the city services, boosting the commercial sector, generating value to citizens and tourist, and improving the quality of life. Under a PPP framework, the municipalities show their open data to serve the citizens, and the city shops and businesses offer their products and services.

Spark Works

Spark Works is delivering a full stack software platform that solves problems on real IoT deployments in the area of ambient intelligence, smart monitoring and building automation. Spark Works provides an innovative IoT platform that evolves the current paradigm for developing IoT applications from being totally cloudcentric to being distributed over the network edges.


Spero. City is an integrated web-based report and decision support system for occurrences in urban space. Spero.City supports citizen and IoT reporting and connections to social networks.


SensoWave a technological company aiming to improve safety and efficiency in sectors like industry, farming and health by providing innovative solutions based on IoT (Internet of Things).


TalkyCar connects your vehicle with your smartphone to track all your trips scoring your driving style to detect fuel efficiency, providing advices or calling the medical services in case of accident..etc like over RPM alarms.


Beeta solution helps people to save on energy bills. Beeta aims to deliver a cheap smart energy monitoring and optimization system based on interoperable and easy-to-install gateway, a SW interface and mobile APP for tips&tricks and user engagement over time. KPI, suggestions, control technologies are combined to improve the energy efficiency in homes and small buildings as well as the management of energy produced in case of Photovoltaic Prosumers.


Trafisense monitors dry type transformers which are critical components in electrical networks to estimate the required maintenance and provide early warning of hardware failures like power cut – offs.


Tsenso reduces the costs of last-mile delivery of food and perishable goods and adds automated quality assurance to the process.


Ubiwhere is a company dedicated to research and develop software for Smart Cities and the Future Internet sectors. The company ’ s internal focus is now on the Citibrain brand, focused on unified systems for Smart Cities.


UMANICK is committed with the security and safety of patients. Our solution UMANICK Identity for Health works specifically to avoid patient harm stemming from identification errors in healthcare processes at hospitals and medical centres.


URBI is the solution for the car sharing users. URBI is shared-use mobility aggregator that enables people to find the best solution to reach a destination.


Usheru is a cinema app and website which makes it possible for the first time to book all cinema tickets in 3 clicks. We were ranked as one of Europe's Top 12 Start Ups in 2015 and we work with 50 cinemas in London.


VIRAL platform has contributed to make Portuguese cities smarter by helping citizens to easily acknowledge what is happening in their cities concerning culture and entertainment, and by helping promoters communicate their upcoming events more effectively.


Viur developes a solution that allows anyone with or without technical skills to do business related analytics in different business areas, to connect the enterprise systems and/or cloud services and, without any code or scripting, generate instant insigh


In everything we create, we challenge the technology, we address real issues, but above all added human value.


WIIM are a hearing Software company, a group of people that has joined to give life to WIIM© project.

Wise Town

WiseTown stands for “Web Information Streams Enhancer for your Town”. The goal of this solution is to collect information from different streams to identify the issues that affect the city in several areas: urban renewal, garbage collection, public safety, transportation, social services and environmental problems

Zebra Academy

Bring innovative telemedicine solutions to the market backed up with strong research & user feedback for Pre-, In- & Post-hospital diagnose & follow-up of patients suffering from a disease.