Powered by FIWARE: YerbaBuena VR - YBVR (Internet of Things)

YerbaBuena VR delivers a next-generation real-time 360 live streaming distribution platform for Virtual Reality optimized for any available bandwidth.

YBVR is a solution designed to optimize the distribution of quality VR video streaming for every device on any network. ​ We are creating VR 360 video streaming technology optimized for any available bandwidth condition. We envision to become the pioneers of real-time VR video platforms supporting massive live events such as sports and concerts.

Among all the different techniques to achieve Virtual Reality immersion, 360 video has a unique value to it: unlike 3D model-based VR, it has the potential of giving a closer sense of “reality” to VR (since the source if it is normally a real camera capture as opposed to a 3-D model) and is also in many technical senses more affordable to render (since it relies on several existing technologies already in people’s hands and imposes lesser requirements to the rendering device).

However, the effect of immersion is easily broken if the image perceived by the user is blurred. Unfortunately, this undesired effect is all too common today, mainly due to the inadequate distribution format being used. Optimizing 360 video delivery is the prime focus of the technologies that we at YBVR are creating.

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