Powered by FIWARE: WiTraC - WiTraC (Internet of Things,Data Analytics,Artificial Intelligence)

WiTraC is a total wireless tracking and metering IoT solution for Industry 4.0 Supply Chain and Smart Cities. It provides real-time information on the status and location of critical assets to increase control and improve management of company operations.

WiTraC has created a wireless real-time location system (RTLS) for Industry 4.0 and smart cities based on the Internet of Things and Low-Cost Smart Sensors.

WiTraC provides a B2B advanced solution for the manufacturing industry and smart cities. We have tested and/or sold our solution to Ford, Volkswagen, IBM, Navantia suppliers, Global Steel, etc. With WiTraC, Industries have control of their critical elements (people, assets, materials) and are able to track and measure them with the following advantages: in a secure way (encrypted and bidirectional communication way), in real-time, with multiple applications (location, metering, tracking), with really low energy consumption, in a cost-competitive way and scalable.

For instance, in Ford, we tracked cars solving a problem that our competitors could not achieve with a solution 10 times more expensive than ours. Another company, a Tier 1, saved 20M$ in one-off inventory reduction and 5M$ per year thanks to a solution that combines smart stock and warehouse management.

Increased complexity and uncertainty of the industrial environment make control of assets and resources challenging for industrial companies. Moreover, new VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environments have plenty of relevant data to be gathered and controlled in real-time. Thus, companies spend a lot of time, resources, and money to answer both prior challenges, while increasing productivity and avoiding risks and losses. Current market solutions have not found an answer to that problem in an optimized way. They require intense investments, very often use a single protocol or technology not able to face the whole requirements of the client, and most of the time are very difficult to implement in industrial environments (wired and plugged into an energy source).

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