Powered by FIWARE: Ubiwhere - Smartlamppost (Open Data,Data Analytics)

Smartlamppost is a modular concept of a lamppost with bleeding edge technology, allowing municipalities to future-proof their smart city and Mobile Network Operators to cost-effectively deploy their 5G solution.

Smartlamppost is a solution which provides not only efficient LED lighting with a companion smart lighting system but also telecommunication (4G/5G and WiFi) and EV charging capabilities. Being modular by design, it targets different applications, as it can adjust to the specific use-case needs, combining only the necessary modules. Targeting smart cities, municipalities can leverage the built-in smart lighting system to manage its infrastructure and program their operational mode, based on a set of pre-programmed options. LED technology allows for a running cost reduction, given its efficiency, but the software component brings this reduction to another level when it comes to maintenance and programmability.With its clean and minimalistic design, the optional Small Cell module can also be incorporated, giving municipalities the chance to monetize their original investment, by allowing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to rent this infrastructure's networking capabilities. As 5G technology is emerging, MNOs are investing largely in new infrastructure to meet their clients' demands. With the built-in Small Cell module and our set of NFV and SDN-based cloud services, MNOs can drastically reduce their initial investment, by renting already deployed and available infrastructure, effectively increasing their current capacity and coverage in a matter of minutes. For this, we are developing an innovative and powerful database of deployed infrastructure and its coverage area, where MNOs can simulate how much coverage, capacity and bandwidth they can achieve by renting the already deployed, and available Small Cells.

Ubiwhere Smartlamppost