Powered by FIWARE: UBIKWA - INSYLO (Internet of Things,Data Analytics,Open Data,Cloud Computing)

INSYLO is an affordable solution to remotely monitor livestock farms' silos and solve the million-dollar question: the right moment and the right quantity to restock each silo in order to optimize logistic costs.

INSYLO is disrupting the traditional feed industry. For the first time, feed suppliers have remote access to farms' inventories and automatically generate the refilling orders based on cost optimization criteria. The system benefits both: feed suppliers save 500€ x silo per year reducing labor and transport costs and livestock farmers save 22 days of work per year avoiding the silos inspections.

Livestock farmers have to manually check their silos every week to assess stocks and avoid running out of feed. Then, they phone the feed supplier who must produce and deliver the feed in a short period of 24h-48h. This outdated system is very manual and inefficient causing every year over 400M€ of avoidable costs only in the EU.

[2015] 1st IoT Global call by Telefonica Open Future and China Unicomm. [2016] High Flyers by SmartAgrifood accelerator. [2016] CommBeBiz Awards by European Business Network. [2016, 2017] Seal of Excellence by European Commission.